Table of Contents – The First Crusade Against Football

1827 – 1898

October, 1827The Harvard Register
The Battle of the Delta

February 1828The Harvard Register
Life in College

November 24, 1841The Experimenter, Norwalk, Ohio
Riot and Excitement at New Haven

August 31, 1846; July 19, 1850; September 3, 1855
Entries from John Langdon Sibley’s Diary, Harvard University Archives

October 1855The Harvard Magazine
Varieties in College Life

August 1, 1857Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
The Match Between Sophs and Freshmen, by Winslow Homer.

March, 1858The Atlantic Monthly
Saints and Their Bodies, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson [excerpt]

June, 1858The Harvard Magazine
The Football Game

July, 1858The Harvard Magazine
Sixty-One Up!

July and September 1859The Harvard Magazine
Editor’s Table / Senior’s Corner

December 1859The Harvard Magazine
Editor’s Table / …The oasis, Thanksgiving day…

July 1860The Harvard Magazine
A Last Word / Two years ago…

September 1860The Harvard Magazine
The following Obituary…

September 3, 1860John Langdon Sibley’s Diary
The Football Burial Services in 1860 [published in 1881]

December 20, 1860The Daily Alta California
Trouble at Harvard College

October 10, 1864Sacramento Daily Union
There was a big “row”…

July 15, 1865Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
Holiday in Camp – Soldiers Playing “Foot-Ball.” Artist: Winslow Homer.

November 2, 1870New York Herald
Serious Row Among Students

November 10, 1870New York Herald
Yale College Belligerent

November 16, 1870Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Maine
The faulty of Dartmouth college…

November 16, 1872The Chronicle, Univ. of Michigan
The Department Rush

November 17, 1872The World: New York

November 23, 1872The Boston Daily Globe
English Schools [excerpt]

May 6, 1873The Titusville Morning Herald, Pennsylvania
Only Chilblains

September 23, 1873The World: New York
The Annual “Rush” at Yale

April 17, 1874The Ackley Independent, Iowa
Foot ball has quite overcome the Ackley game…

July 2, 1874The Kansas Chief, Troy, Kansas
A man down in Tennessee…

May 20, 1875Daily Kennebec Journal, Maine
Educational Notes: Football appears to be as dangerous…

June 26, 1875The Eau Claire News, Wisconsin
The London Lancet discussing foot-ball…

June 1876Scribner’s Monthly
Harvard University

October 14, 1877 – Daily Kennebec Journal
The little boys in the Saco schools…

December 2, 1877The Boston Sunday Globe
A Plucky Foot-ball Contest

December 9, 1877The Boston Sunday Globe
The Sporting World / Football Match between Yale and Princeton

December 10, 1877The Boston Daily Globe
Ball Contests and Gossip

December 23, 1877The Boston Sunday Globe
Sporting News / The Foot-ball Season
A Review of the Season of 1877 / Dangerous Sport

April 5, 1878The New-York Times
A Fatal Foot-Ball Match

October 1878The Rochester Campus, Univ. of Rochester
As for foot ball, it has never been much of a favorite…

November 11, 1878The World: New York
Foot-ball Prospects

December 8, 1878Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
A Game of Foot-ball. Artist: J. Davidson.

January 30, 1879The Rochester Campus
’81, McPhail injured himself severely playing foot-ball…

October 30, 1879The Star and Sentinel, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Some ten days ago…

November 2, 1879The Sun, New York
Collegians at Football / Accidents in the Field

November 4, 1879The New-York Tribune
Notes from Yale: Football is the all-absorbing thing…

November 23, 1879The New-York Times
Rough and Tumble Play / Collegians Upsetting One Another in the Field / Capt. Camp’s Picturesque Retreat

December 6, 1879The New-York Daily Tribune
Notes from Yale / The Football Season

December 20, 1879Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
Football Match between Yale and Princeton. Artist: A. B. Frost

November 25, 1881The New York Daily Tribune
A football match without throttling and bruising…

December 3, 1881Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
A Game of Football – A “Scrimmage” at the Close. Artist: A. B. Frost

December 5, 1882Harper’s Young People [illustration]
Foot-Ball / Now lads heads well down.

November 25, 1881The New York Daily Tribune
The boisterous aggressive tendencies of Yale…

January 14, 1882The Illustrated London News [illustration]
Football: A Maul in Goal. Artist: W. B. Wollen,

December 5, 1882Harper’s Young People [illustration]
Foot-Ball / A Maul in Goal.

October 21, 1882Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper [illustration]
New York City. – The Annual “Cane Rush” of the students of Columbia College, October 9th / From a Sketch by a Staff Artist

May 1883The Atlantic Monthly
College Athletics, by Andrew M. F. Davis

November 24, 1883The Boston Daily Globe [3 articles]
(1) Foot Ball and the Faculty
(2) Harvard Foot Ball / The Committee of the Faculty Grant a Hearing to the Players – Opinions of Students and Professors
(3) Yale Students Petition the Harvard Faculty

November 24, 1883The New-York Times
College Foot-Ball / The Order of the Harvard Faculty to be Modified

January 1885New Englander and Yale Review
Youth the Time for Physical Development,
by Walter Chauncey Camp

October 11, 1885The Sun, New York
No Football at Harvard
President Eliot Frowns on the Attempt to Revive the Game

November 3, 1885Harper’s Young People [illustration]
Bowl Fight at the University of Pennsylvania

June 1886New Englander and Yale Review [2 articles]
(1) Intercollegiate Football (2) Comments of the New York Independent on the Yale-Princeton Game

October 1887The Century Illustrated Magazine [3 illustrations]
(1) A Fair Tackle. (2) A Foul Tackle, High. (3) A Foul Tackle, Low.

December 22, 1888Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
A Low Runner. Artist: Frederic Remington.

December 22, 1888Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
Brushing Off. Artist: Frederic Remington.

December 22, 1888Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
A Low Tackle. Artist: Frederic Remington.

November 26, 1887Harper’s Weekly [cover illustration]
College Players at Foot-ball – “A Tackle and Ball Down.”
Artist: Frederic Remington.

November 16, 1889Harper’s Weekly [illustration]
The Foot-ball of the Future. Artist: C. G. Bush.

November 9, 1889Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper [illustration]
A Game of Football – A Struggle for the Ball. Artist: J. Durkin.

November 1889Outing Magazine
The Development of Football, by a Yale Player

December 7, 1889Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper [5 illustrations]
(1) Lining up.
(2) Breaking through a rush line.
(3) A “tackle.”
(4) “Down.”
(5) Quarter-back passing the ball. / The Thanksgiving-Day Game of Foot-ball
between the Yale and Princeton College Teams on the Berkeley Oval,
New York City. Artist: C. Upham.

January 1894North American Review
Intercollegiate Football, by J. William White and Horatio C. Wood

January 1894The Forum [4 articles]
Are Foot-Ball Games Educative or Brutalizing?
(1) Dr. Daniel Bennett St. John Roosa
(2) Cornell University President Jacob Gould Schurman
(3) University of Michigan President James Burrill Angell
(4) Lafayette College President Ethelbert Dudley Warfield

January 1894Outing Magazine
The Crusade Against Football

January 7, 1894The New-York Times
Football and Its Dangers

January 8, 1894The New-York Times
Rugby Football Brutalized
An English Criticism of Flying Wedge and Mass Plays

February 3, 1894 The New-York Times
To Modify Football Rules / First Step Will Be Taken at the University Club / Representatives of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Other Experts Will Be Present – To Make the Game Safe and Yet Interesting the Object – Proposed Changes in the Play Will Be Discussed – Flying Wedge Will Probably Be Abolished.

February 4, 1894The New-York Times
To Change Football Rules
Dangerous Plays Will Be Eliminated from the Sport

February 8, 1894The New-York Times
Mr. Buckley’s Football Bill

February 8, 1894The New-York Times
Walter Camp on Football Rules
He Makes Some Suggestions Regarding the Proposed Change

February 10, 1894The New-York Times
Spoke a Good Word for Football
Dr. Hammond Lectures on “Brain and Muscle” to Union Students

February 18, 1894The New-York Times
Football or No Football
The Question Discussed by Profs. Wilson and Wilder

February 22, 1894The New-York Times
Reform in College Sports
How President Eliot’s Report is Regarded at Harvard

February 22, 1894The New-York Times
The Football Question
What King and Balliet of Princeton Say on the Subject

February 1894The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine
The Current Criticism of Foot-ball

March 2, 1894The New-York Times
Less Football Freedom / Why Army Cadets Cannot Play the Middies The Reports Received by the War Department Were Not Encouraging to the Game – Did Not Improve Athletic Condition and Diverted the Studious and Ambitious Students – Trips Away from the Academies Were Too Expensive

March 9, 1894 The New-York Times
Wants Football Statistics / Walter Camp Inquires of Old Players Concerning Injuries on the Gridiron.

March 11, 1894The New-York Times
To Revise Football Rules / Some of the Suggestions Discussed by the Committee at the University Club

March 1894Outing Magazine
The Possibility of Reform in Football

March 1894Harvard Graduates Magazine [2 articles]
(1) How to Reform Football, by Lorin F. Deland.
(2) The Abuses of Training, by J. Ralph Finlay, ’91

March 1894The Nation
The Athletic Craze. Editorial by E. L. Godkin.

March 1894Outing Magazine
The Needed Reform in Western Football

May 9, 1894The New-York Times
New Rules for Football / Changes Proposed by University Club Committee / They Will Now Be Submitted to the Football Associations of the Colleges for Approval – Momentum Plays to be Abolished – A Linesman to Assist the Umpire and Referee, and the Playing Time Reduced to Thirty-five Minutes.

October 1894Spalding’s Athletic Guide [advertisement]
Foot Ball Goods.

October 1894Outing Magazine
The Safety of Football, by Walter Camp

October 1894 Spalding’s Athletic Guide [2 photographs, 2 pages]
[Wedge formations.]

October 27, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Amateur Sport column: The promises of temperance in football …

October 14, 1894The San Francisco Morning Call [illustration]
Knocked out.

November 1894 Outing Magazine
The New Football Rules, by Walter Camp

October 1, 1894The Morning Call, San Francisco [illustration]
“Here Comes the Doctor, Curley!”

November 1894Outing Magazine
Football in ’94, by Lorin F. Deland

November 7, 1894The Anita Republican, Iowa
Of course professional football has failed…

November 17, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Football Ethics

November 18, 1894The Sun, New York
Facts That Defend Football / Football Facts and Figures

November 25, 1894The Morning Call, San Francisco
Cash vs. Glory [article & illustration]

November 25, 1894The World, New York
Insane from an Injury at Football / A Student, Injured at Football, Went Crazy and Insisted On Playing the Game Night and Day

November 25, 1894The Morning Call, San Francisco
The Ring / Football as Compared with Boxing

November 25, 1894The Sun, New York
A Boy Dies of Football Injuries

November 26, 1894The Lowell Daily Sun, Massachusetts
A Furious Game of Foot Ball Between Yale and Harvard / Several Players Injured in the Fray

November 26, 1894The Sun, New York
Yale is the Conqueror / She Beats Harvard in a Desperate Football Battle

November 26, 1894The New-York Daily Tribune
Nursing Their Wounds
Yale’s Battered Football Players / Murphy Out of the Hospital and Expects to Play Against Princeton / Condition of the Team

November 26, 1894Oakland Daily Tribune, California
Bad Breaks / Severe Criticisms Made About Yale’s Playing
The Umpire’s Decrees Regarded As Unfair / Probability That the Game with Princeton Will Be Off

November 26, 1894The Morning Call, San Francisco
By a Football Game / End of a Promising Young Man’s Life
He Was the Son of Governor Pennoyer and Stood High in His Classes.

November 26, 1894The Richmond Dispatch, Virginia
A Fatal “Interference”

November 27, 1894Sacramento Record-Union, California
He Was Insured

November 28, 1894The Trenton Times, New Jersey
The New York Evening Post is keeping up its warfare against football…

November 28, 1894Concord Monitor, New Hampshire
There is much to admire in the game of football…

November 28, 1894Waukesha Freeman, Wisconsin
The gentle game of football as she is now played…

November 28, 1894The Coshocton Age, Ohio
The Feeling Against Football

November 28, 1894The World, New York
College-Bred Brutality

November 29, 1894The Landmark, Statesville, North Carolina
The Gridiron and the Prize Ring

November 29, 1894The World, New York [3 illustrations]
(1) Collegians argue – 1794. (2) Collegians argue – 1894.
(3) Prize-fighting is so Brutal!

November 30, 1894The San Francisco Morning Call [illustration]
Sherrard Versus Ewing

December 1, 1894The New-York Times
Georgetown Faculty Stops Football

December 1, 1894The New-York Times
A Gentle and Joyous Game

December 1, 1894The New-York Times
More Time Between Games
Suggestions of Harvard Alumni Regarding Football Contests

December 1, 1894The World: New York [illustration]
Unnecessary Roughness?– Never!

December 1, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Side-Line Suggestions

December 1, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Amateur Sport column: The Harvard-Yale game…

December 2, 1894The Sun, New York
Some Poems Worth Reading / The Triumph of Hinkey

December 3, 1894The New-York Times
Not A Brutal Game
Dr. Scudder Thinks Football Rougher on Spectators than Players

December 3, 1894The New-York Times
How to Improve Football
Suggestions by T. C. Thacher of Harvard Concerning the Game

December 8, 1894Harper’s Weekly [4 photographs]
(1) Pennsylvania circling end – Harvard waiting for the interferers.
(2) Harvard rush-line defense – Wrenn just passing ball.
(3) Williams’s long pass to Osgood.
(4) Pennsylvania’s modern interference.

December 8, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Amateur Sport column: There is nearly always a modicum of good…

December 10, 1894The New-York Times
Sports at the Colleges / Football Brutality Now Being Discussed at Harvard / Modification of Rules Probable

December 10, 1894 The New-York Times
More Brutal Than Prize Fights / The Rev. Madison C. Peters Condemns Football in a Sermon on Athletics

December 15, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Amateur Sport column: One of the most notable…

December 16, 1894The New-York Times
Football Come to Stay
Modification of Rules Needed / Brutality an Incident Not a Necessary Accompaniment of the Game / Suggestions as to How the Game May Be Made Much Less Rough and Just as Interesting / Expert Opinion

December 17, 1894The New-York Times [2 articles]
(1) Less Brutal Football / Ex-Capt. Hinkey’s Suggestions to Limit Roughness / Players Must Restrain Tempers / The Rule to Prevent Piling On Ought to be More Rigidly Observed
(2) Enforce the Present Rules / Officials Ought to Have More Backbone in Disqualifying, says Capt. Williams

December 19, 1894Forest Republican, Tionesta, Pennsylvania
The Modern Game (poem)

December 22, 1894Harper’s Weekly
Amateur Sport column: Professor Wilder’s suggestion…

December 22, 1894The Sporting Life [4 articles]
(1) Football in Peril
Some Reflections Caused by the Incidents of the Past Season
(2) The Bull Dog Spirit
A Direction in Which College Football May be Overdone
(3) Harvard’s Position
No Action to be Taken to Reform the College Game
(4) Punts and Passes

January 7, 1895The New-York Times
News of the Colleges / The Reasons for Prof. B. G. Wilder’s Opposition to Intercollegiate Contests for Athletic Honors

January 31, 1895The New-York Times
Football Unfit for College Use / President Eliot Talks of Athletics in His Report on Harvard for Last Year

March 21, 1895The New-York Times
Want Football To Go
That’s the Position of Members of Harvard’s Athletic Committee

March 22, 1895The New-York Times
Harvard’s Only Hope for Football

March 27, 1895The New-York Times
Football Player Bahen Dead

March 29, 1895The New-York Times
Anxious Over Football
Yale Still Hopes that Harvard Will Be Able to Play Next Autumn

April 11, 1895The New-York Times
May Continue Football
Harvard’s Overseers Will Not Abolish the Game / Existing Evils Must Be Remedied / If Serious Evils Are Not Corrected, Then the Game Will Stop – A Decision Against the Faculty

May 19, 1895The New-York Times
College Football

May 21, 1895The New-York Times
Harvard Will Not Retract
Yale’s Request About the Charges Against the Football Team Refused

November 1895Outing Magazine
Football of ’95 / A Forecast of the Season, by Walter Camp

November 24, 1895The Boston Herald [2 illustrations, 2 pages]
(1) The Ambulance Corps. “Great stuff – Another patient for us.”
(2) Shaw wounded amid vociferous cheers a true hero.
November 1895 – Life Magazine [illustration]
The Leading Features of a Liberal Education. By C. D. Gibson

January 31, 1896The World: New York
Marbles the Limit
Stringent Bill Against Sports in Massachusetts Legislature

February 6, 1896The World: New York
To Stop the Big Fights / House Passes a Bill to Make Ring Contests on Federal Grounds a Felony

September 8, 1896Harper’s Round Table
Interscholastic Sport: The Science of Football, by William H. Lewis

October 11, 1896The Boston Sunday Globe [illustration]
The Football Player in Full Armor

November 8, 1896Los Angeles Herald
The football player of ’96 rigged for the fray.

November 22, 1896The World: New York
Rules to Free Football of Mass Plays / Coach Beecher Argues That a More Open Game Would Prove More Exciting and Less Dangerous

November 8, 1896The Boston Herald [illustration]
Another Princeton Man Takes a Vacation

November 21, 1897The Kansas City Journal [2 illustrations]
Before the Game. After the Battle.

December 26, 1896The Morning Times [illustration]
Faces of the Times. The Football Face. New York Evening World.

December 26, 1896Harper’s Weekly
Amateur Sport column: The football season of ’96…

September 26, 1897The World: New York [illustration]
New Inventions for Football Players: How to make the sport more brutally interesting.

September 26, 1897The World: New York [5 illustrations]
New Inventions for Football Players: (1) Discomfort shoe. (2) Improved field of torture. (3) The new rush line. (4) The ambulance surgeon. (5) How to treat the losers of the game.

October 31, 1897The New York Times
A Fatal Game in Atlanta
Member of the Georgias Injured – Move to Prohibit Football

October 31, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
(1) From Gridiron to the Grave / Football Game Yesterday Will Result in Death of One Player / Von Gammon is the Victim / Is Now in a Dying Condition at Hospital with Concussion of Brain / Doctors Say He Cannot Live Long / He Sustained an Awful Fall During the Game and Never Recovered Consciousness – His Parents are Now at His Bedside
(2) Von Gammon, the Georgia full-back, who was so badly injured in yesterday’s game.

November 1, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
Death Knell of Football / Georgia Legislators are Bent on Abolishing the Game / May Pass an Anti-Ball Bill / Strong Sentiment Among the Assemblymen Against the Sport / Gammon’s Death Primary Cause / Governor Atkinson, Mrs. Atkinson, Speaker Pro Tem. Dodson, Dan Fogarty, Joe Mansfield, and Others Condemn Brutality of the Game

November 1, 1897The Atlanta Constitution [4 articles]
(1) Football Victim Cold in Death / Poor Gammon’s Remains are Taken to his Old Home / Will be Interred at Rome / Untimely Death of the Young Athlete Causes Wide Sorrow / End Came at 3:45 Sunday Morning / Dr. Nicolson Tells of the Cause of Death – Bereaved Parents Accompany the Body Home – Profound Sorrow Among People
(2) Death Waits Amid Applauding Thousands for His Victim
(3) Away With Brutal Football / So Says Mr. Henderson Hallman in a Pointed Letter Yesterday
(4) No More Football Games / Chancellor Boggs Says the Faculty Will So Decide Now

November 1, 1897The Atlanta Journal
No More Football / Football Matches are a Thing of the Past in Georgia

November 1, 1897The Macon Telegraph [2 articles]
(1) Gammon’s Life Gone / The Star Player of the Georgia Team Passes Away / Remains Sent to Rome / Where Friends Place Floral Tributes on the Casket / The Death of Gammon on the Gridiron Has Aroused Opposition to the Game and There is Talk of Prohibiting It by Law
(2) Remains Are in Rome

November 2, 1897The Atlanta Constitution [2 articles]
(1) University Acts on Tragedy / Students Pass Resolutions – Dr. Boggs Speaks of the Accident
(2) No More Football for Them / University Team Holds a Meeting and Resolves to Abandon the Sport

November 5, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
A Letter from Gammon’s Mother / Mrs. Gammon’s Interesting Letter / What Doctor Herty Said

November 7, 1897The Atlanta Constitution [2 articles]
(1) The Game of Football
(2) Outdoor Sports

November 7, 1897The Atlanta Constitution [4 articles, 2 illustrations]
(1) A Law to Make Football a Crime! / The Three Recent Deaths on the Football Field Result in a Bill in Georgia’s Legislature Forbidding the Game as Brutal and Barbarous
(2) Showing Just How Hasche’s Backbone was Broken at Astoria, L.I.
(3) How Von Gammon Was Killed by Concussion of the Brain – Complete Paralysis
(4) Text of the Georgia Anti-Football Bill
(5) The Author of the Anti-Football Bill Will Push It
(6) The College Authorities Should Call a Halt, Says Dr. Geo. F. Shrady

November 10, 1897The New York World [2 articles]
(1) Abolish the Dangerous Interference and the More Dangerous Mass Plays, by Harry Beecher.
(2) Change Rules of Football / This is the Remedy Favored by a Majority of the Experts / Would End Roughness / Other Sports Oftener Fatal

October 10, 1897 The Saint Paul Globe [illustration]
Encased in armor.

October 17, 1897The World: New York [illustration]
Football Player of ’97 Armored Like a Knight of Old

October 22, 1897The World [illustration]
Holt injured while practicing.

November 7, 1897The Saint Paul Globe [illustration]
Composite Football Anguish.

November 7, 1897The Wichita Daily Eagle [illustration]
After the Football Game. “It was a famous victory!”

November 12, 1897The New York Times
Crusade Against Football / The Women of Richmond and a Virginia University Professor Join the Movement

November 13, 1897The Macon Telegraph
Gammon’s Death / Captain of the Virginia Team Says It Was Accidental

November 14, 1897The World: New York [illustration]
Twelve men, weighing about 2,160 pounds in all, are resting upon the poor fellow in the middle.

November 15, 1897The Daily Tribune: Salt Lake City [2 articles]
(1) Football Should Not Be Stopped
(2) The Attack on Football

November 21, 1897The Kansas City Journal [9 articles]
Football – Its Dangers and Its Victims
Legislatures Against the Game – The Changes Needed.
(1) Dead and Injured. 13 Killed, 23 Maimed, more that 200 injured
Record of Past Few Months / The Rush, Scrimmage and Mass Responsible for this Result / What the Newspaper Reports Are on Some of the Games That Have Been Played – The Character of Some of the Recent Accidents.
(2) How Harvard’s Players were Injured
(3) The Deadly Record
(4) From Reports of Some Games
(5) Debasing and Brutalizing Influence
(6) Against Football / Action taken by legislative bodies on the matter
Cannot be played in Georgia / What Governor Jones, of Arkansas, has to say / The Questions Regarding Its Suppression by Law is One That is Being Widely Discussed in America / Agitation Long Ago
(7) Danger in Mass Play / Football Experts All Against It and Brutal Tackling / Yale is out for Reform / Strong Feeling that the Game Needs Some Changes
(8) Corbett says Football is More Brutal than Prize Fighting
(9) Fitzsimmons is Opposed to the Game as Now Played

November 28, 1897The Wichita Daily Eagle [illustration]
That Terrible Twelfth / The Twelfth Player in Every Football Game

November 24, 1897The New York Times
Brutal Football in Ohio / Two Baldwin University Players Dangerously Injured

November 28, 1897The New York Times
Judge Stopped the Game / Threatened Football Players with Arrest Because Three Were Hurt

December 4, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
Governor Atkinson and the Anti-Football Bill

December 5, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
A Good Place for a Veto

December 5, 1897New-York Tribune
Down in Georgy

December 6, 1897The World: New York
Saved Her Dead Son’s Game / Mrs. Von Gammon Induces Georgia’s Governor to Veto the Anti-Football Bill / Her Boy Killed on Gridiron / Legislators Hurried to Avenge His Death but the Mother Pleaded for His Cherished Sport

December 6, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
Veto of the Football Bill is Looked For

December 8, 1897The Atlanta Constitution [2 articles]
(1) Gov. Atkinson’s Reasons for Football Bill Veto / Says Such Legislation is Fundamentally Wrong and Wholly Undemocratic – Talks of the Game and of Its Effect on the Players – Believes It Raises the Standard of Manhood
(2) The Governor’s Veto [editorial]

December 9, 1897The Atlanta Constitution
Anti-Football Veto is Sustained

December 14, 1897The New York Times
Football in Virginia / Women Take Sides For and Against the Bill Prohibiting It

September 27, 1898The Lowell Sun, Massachusetts
Football Pads

November 6, 1898The Sunday Herald: Syracuse
Human Blood Again Stains the Gridiron / Horrors of the Football Field Have Given Rise to an Agitation in Favor of Abolishing the Game / Valuable Opinions of College Authorities

November 1898Metropolitan Magazine [photograph]
Taking an account of his injuries.

November 19, 1898Collier’s Weekly [illustration]
Hardly Had the Doctor Loosened Lee’s Jacket Than He Tried to Stand Up. Artist: Frederic Remington.


Football Facts and Figures
A Symposium of Expert Opinions on the Game’s Place in American Athletics, compiled by Walter Camp

Origin of the Committee

Chapter I
Facts and Opinions Regarding Football as Expressed by Those Who Have Studied the Subject

Chapter II
Statistics of University and School Players as Collected by the Committee

Chapter III
Letters from Members of the Faculty and Head-Masters

Chapter IV
Letters from Captains

Chapter V
Letters from Players

Chapter VI
Conclusion of the Committee