Table of Contents – The Mysterious Birth of the Curve Ball and the Art of Pitching


April 2, 1870The New York Clipper
Base Ball / The New Rules for 1870 / Special Instructions for Umpires

April 3, 1869The New York Clipper
Alphonse Martin, of the Eckford Club…

April 2, 1870The New York Clipper
The Star Club of Brooklyn…

July 8, 1871The New York Clipper
The noted young pitcher of the Star Club…

July 28, 1877 Scientific American
A. P. asks: It is claimed that certain base-ball pitchers…

August 18, 1877Scientific American
1. Curving a Base Ball
2. Rotation in Motion

November 17, 1877Scientific American
Base Ball Science

October 23, 1877The Cincinnati Daily Star
The second trial between Mitchell and Bond…

October 27, 1877The Cincinnati Daily Star
The base-ball season closes here today…

December 6, 1877Eaton Daily Democrat (Ohio)
Curved Base Ball Test

January 16, 1878United States Patent Office
Improvement in Masks

July 16, 1878Sedalia Weekly Bazoo
No base ball pitcher is now considered…

August 7, 1878The National Republican (Wash. D.C.)
Some boys were batting a ball

September 20, 1879The Cincinnati Daily Star
Our merchants and property owners…

October 2, 1879The Wichita Eagle
A Topikaite Defends the Westerns

October 10, 1879St. Paul Daily Globe
Bad Base Ballists

May 19, 1880 The National Republican
Baltimore Beaten / The Nationals Retrieving their Lost Laurels

June 2, 1880Shenandoah Herald (Woodstock, VA)
Our Base Ball Trip

June 25, 1880Ashtabula Telegraph (Ohio)
Choosing a Profession

July 28, 1880The Somerset Herald (PA)
A Wonderful Game of Ball

January 12, 1881Isabella County Enterprise
New Base Ball Rules

September 15, 1881Nebraska Advertiser
Curved Pitching

April 23, 1883 The Sporting Life
Bobby Matthews ridicules the claim…

August 18, 1883Lancaster Daily Intelligencer
Notes from the Diamond Field

August 20, 1883 The Sporting Life
A Bet That Was Won / A Lancaster Pitcher Shows How a Ball Can be Handled

August 22, 1883The New-York Times
The Curve Ball / Why the Battery has Grown Superior to the Skilled Pounders

August 27, 1883The Sporting Life
The credit of being the first base ball pitcher…

August 27, 1883Lancaster Daily Intelligencer
A Local Explanation of the Curved Ball

September 3, 1883Lancaster Daily Intelligencer
The “Curved” Ball – A Letter from Illinois Regarding the Recent Hofford-Houston Experiment / Another Letter

September 10, 1883The Sporting Life
Curve Pitching / Another Contribution on the Subject, From “Another Old-Timer”

September 29, 1883The Glenwood Weekly Opinion (Iowa)
The Curve Ball

October 1, 1883The Sporting Life
Danny Collins, well known in base ball circles…

October 8, 1883The Sporting Life
A Cricketer on Base Ball / He Thinks it is a Fine Game, but Too Quick to Suit the Englishman

November 2, 1884The Salt Lake Herald
Sports and Pastimes / High Salaries for Baseball Players / Camp of the Sportsmen / Baseball on Business Principles

August 5, 1885The Sporting Life
At Des Moines, Iowa, July 31st…

October 7, 1885The Sporting Life
Prof. Chas. M. Schaefer, of Shelbyville, Ind…

October 1885St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls
How Science Won the Game
– December 1885St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– February 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– March 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– April 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– May 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– June 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– August 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– October 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box
– November 1886St. Nicholas Letter-Box

1886The Art of Pitching and Fielding
By Henry Chadwick (book excerpt)

July 31, 1886Scientific American
The Art of Pitching in Baseball – by Henry Chadwick

August 21, 1886The St. Paul Daily Globe
Matthews’ Break-Down / The Once Great Pitcher Will be Seen No More on the Diamond This Season

December, 1886Outing

May, 1887Outing
The Theory of the Curve Ball – by W. F. Hopkinson

July 3, 1887The New York Sun
How the Ball is Curved / The Way the Pitcher Bothers the Batsman Nowadays

1888Sphere and Ash
By Jacob Morse (book excerpt)

May 7, 1889The Walt Whitman Archive
Harned said he had witnessed a base-ball match…

May, 1889Outing
The Art of Pitching – by Henry Chadwick

July 23, 1889The Wichita Eagle
How to Pitch / “Twisting” and “Smiling” as Practiced by the Great Ones

October 23, 1890The Gazette: Fort Worth Texas
One on the Teacher / Is It Possible to Control the Direction of a Ball After It Leaves the Pitcher’s Hand?

August 1891Outing
The Theory and Practice of Curve Pitching, by O. P. Caylor

June 10, 1893Harper’s Weekly
College Baseball Pitchers

May 11, 1895Harper’s Weekly
The Evolution of the Amateur Pitcher – by J. A. Tyng

March 18, 1895 The Chicago Tribune
Cummings the First “Curve Pitcher” / What A. G. Spalding Says of Old-Time Ball Players – Some Great Twirlers

March 22, 1896The Roanoke Times (VA)
Caylor’s Ball Gossip / “Candy” Cummings, Who Discovered the Curveball, Unearthed and Interviewed

June 6, 1896The Banner-Democrat (Lake Province, LA)
Signals the Pitcher / How the Baseball Catcher Communicates with the Pitcher

June 8, 1896The St. Paul Daily Globe
Base Ball Curves / How the Sphere is Made to Twist and Rise or Drop

August 30, 1896The St. Paul Daily Globe
The Curved Ball / It is Still as Unexplainable as When First Discovered / Photography is No Help

December 6, 1896The St. Paul Daily Globe
Base Ball With Gun / The Princeton Team to Practice With a Pitching Machine / Shoots All Kinds of Curves At Any Velocity, and Is the Invention of a Professor / Saves Wear and Tear on Men / The Gun and the Difficulties overcome in Getting It to Work

December 26, 1896The San Francisco Call
It Pitches Baseball / A Novel Piece of Ordinance Lately Invented

April 16, 1897The Sporting News
Cummings Tells How He Discovered the Art / The Course of a Clam Shell Gave Him the First Tip

April 16, 1897The Scranton Tribune
Pitching Hints for Young Twirlers / Knack Which Almost Every Lad Would Love to Learn / Several Ways for an Out Curve

August 14, 1897The Scranton Tribune
“Bobby” Matthews the Heady Pitcher / Cranks of the Present Generation Remember Him Well / Dying of Paresis in Baltimore

September 11, 1897The Roanoke Times
The Sporting World
1. Cricketer King’s Curves
2. Woes of A New Pitcher

March 5, 1898The Sporting Life
King Phillips’ Reunion

April 23, 1898The Sporting Life
Matthews No More / The Once Great Pitcher Has Passed Away

July 16, 1898The Sporting Life
The Curve Ball / Its Invention Again Open to Discussion / Ex-Pitcher Fred Goldsmith Claims That Prof. Avery, of Yale, Instead of Cummings, Was the Discoverer of the Revolutionary Delivery

August 6, 1898The Sporting Life
The Curve Ball / Another Chapter in an Old Controversy / Goldsmith’s Claim That Not Cummings But Prof. Avery, of Yale, Was the Inventor Refuted by the Veteran Henry Chadwick, Who Speaks by the Book

August 20, 1898The Sporting Life
The Curve Ball / The Famous Cummings Settles the Controversy / The Inventor of the Curve Speaks in His Own Behalf—He Says He Originated the Delivery and Taught It to Professor Avery, of Yale

1899The Young Folks Cyclopedia of Games and Sports
Base Ball  (book excerpt)

March 20, 1899The Times, Washington D.C.
An Anecdote of Healy / How “Long John’s” Curves Fooled an English Cricket Player

September 11, 1899The Times, Washington D.C.
Murphy’s Shrewd Trick / He Establishes Signal Service and Tips the Batsman / One of the Most Ingenious Inventions to Communicate Signals Upon the Field Belongs to the Noted Catcher of the Philadelphia Club

1901Athletics at Princeton – A History
For many years Princetonians have claimed… (book excerpt)

August 1908The Baseball Magazine
How I Pitched the First Curve – by William Arthur Cummings

February 9, 1910The Princeton Alumni Weekly
The meeting and smoker of the Princeton Alumni…

November 1913The Baseball Magazine
Pitching Science

April 1914Outing
The First College Pitcher of Curves / Edmund Davis, Who Introduced the Drop and the In-Curve at Princeton Nearly Fifty Years Ago, by William G. Murdock

May 19, 1915The Princeton Alumni Weekly
Only Two No-Hit and No-Run Games

August 4, 1915The Baseball Magazine
Early History of Curve Pitching / The Originator of the Curve – Others Who Developed It – What the Early Experts Thought of the Freak Delivery

May 31, 1916The Princeton Alumni Weekly
The Pioneer of Curved Pitching Coming Back, By Donald Grant Herring

February 18, 1919Fort Wayne News and Sentinel (IN)
Sport World with James J. Corbett

November 1921Amherst Graduates’ Quarterly
Mr. Stanchfield was born March 18, 1855…

June 8, 1940
Curve Pitching at Williston / Remarks by Frank W. Blair at Williston Alumni Association