Football Books

From The Lost Century of Sports Collection

The American Football Trilogy: The Founding Documents of the American Game: Complete Text and Illustrations from 3 Classic Books Written by Walter Camp, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Lorin F. Deland, Henry L. Williams
American Football Trilogy
The Lost Century of Football: Reports from the Birth of a Game
Lost Century of American Football
Classic Football Art
Classic Football Art
The First Decade of College Football: Published Reports of American Football 1869 to 1879
First Decade of College Football
A Portfolio of Rare Articles by the First Football Coach and Father of the American Game
Walter Camp in Print
Football Linemen: The Center, Guard, Tackle & Ends
Football Linemen
The First Crusade Against Football: Injuries, Brutality and Death in American Football from Bloody Monday to the Flying Wedge