Table of Contents – The First Decade of Women’s Basketball

Section 1

The Early Game – 1892-1896


November 19 – The San Francisco Call: Girl Ball-Kickers / Berkeley Beauties Have a Glorious Game / The Seminary Maidens Win / They Defeat the Co-Eds in One of the Liveliest Tussles Girls Ever Engaged In. Illustration: The Basket Football Game. Written by Albert May


March 27 – The New York Herald Tribune: Smith College. Illustration; The Basket Football Game
April 2 – The Boston Sunday Globe: Basket Ball at Smith / Sophomores Win, Freshmen Wish for Revenge / Inspiring Sight to see 300 College Girls Cheering and Waving Flags
March 3 – Hopkinsville Kentuckian: For Men and Women / Basket Ball as Played in Y.M.C.A. Gymnasiums / A Game for Goth Sexes—It is Something Like Football, But Has No Rough Features and Is Full of Fun. Illustration: Two Kinds of Baskets
May 17 – The Newark Daily Advocate: The Game of Basket Ball / Interesting and Exciting Sport for Those Not Able to Exercise Regularly
June 3 – The Boston Daily Globe: Have You Seen Them? / Pretty College Girls are Playing Basket Ball / Think if Far Superior to Fierce Foot Ball of Harvard and Yale / No Pushing, Tripping, Tackling or Other Such Fun is Allowed. Illustration: Positions of the Players
October 29 – The Boston Sunday Globe: Wellesley Fall Sports / Miss Hill Directing the Game of Basket Ball—Comparisons Between This Pastime and Harvard’s That Are Not Odious


March 18 – The Boston Sunday Globe: No Man In It / Smith College Gym Held 1000 Excited Girls / Basket Ball Roused Young Beauties’ Spirits / Plucky Sophs Won After a Lively Game / Their Captain Carried on Shapely Shoulders / Songs Made a Noise, and Class Colors Were Everywhere. Illustration: The Sophomore Team, Smith College Basketball Ball Players
March 18 – The Boston Sunday Globe: Atalanta at Wellesley / Slow Coaches and the New Force in Athletics / Trainer from Harvard Instructing the Girls in Basket Ball / What Rev. M.J. Savage Thinks of Physical Lessons for Women
May 18 – Springfield Weekly Republican, Massachusetts: The Success of Basket Ball / Which Originated in this City / Only Two Years Ago / Some Good Qualities—Adopted in Many Schools
May 18 – Springfield Weekly Republican, Massachusetts: How It Is Played at Smith / Annual Struggle between the Classes—Development of Athletics at the Woman’s College. Illustration: Basket ball in the Smith College Gymnasium
June 17 – The Sun: New York: Tossers at Basket Ball / Bryn Mawr Fair Athletes and Its Two College Teams / How the Game Is Played in the Gymnasium and on the Lawn—Its Merits as a Picnic Game—Implements Used and Their Cost
November 5 – The Nebraska State Journal: Basketball For The Girls
November 14 – The Newark Daily Advocate: A Basket Ball League
November 25 – The Salt Lake Herald, Utah: Basket Ball / Thanksgiving Game Between Sophomores and Freshmen / A Popular and Graceful Game That Has Found Favor Among Girls—Some of the Rules and Regulations Observed in Playing It, by Diana Crossways
December 16 – The Times, Richmond, Va.: In Woman’s World / Her Work—Her Fads—Her Interests / Richmond’s Gymnasium Girls


March 31 – The Boston Sunday Globe: Smith’s Sophs They Win Annual Game of Basket Ball / Freshmen Defeated, 19 Goals to 15, Yesterday / Most Exciting Contest in College’s History / Four Minutes’ Extra Play to Decide the Tie / Deafening Applause Greeted the Victorious Team
April 7 – The Sunday Herald, Syracuse, New York: Illustration: College Girls at Basket Ball
September 1 – The New York Times: The Week at Long Island Resorts / Southampton—The game of basket ball…
October 8 – The Boston Daily Globe: Sizing Up Girls / Miss Margaret Wallace is Kept Very Busy / Radcliffe Students Getting Weighed and Measured / Basket Ball Takes On Great Boom at the College
October 13 – The Sun: New York: Gymnasiums for Women / Physical Exercise Now Part of the Course in Most Colleges for Girls
November 10 – The New York Times: Field Day At Vassar / Foot Races and High Jumping by College Girls / Members of all the Classes Play Basket Ball – No Man Allowed Upon the Oval Except the College Doctor
November 17 – The New York Times: Her Point Of View
December 7 – The Portsmouth Times, Ohio: Ladies Play Basket Ball / New Sport for the Gym Class—Suggestion for the Tournament at the Opera House
December 29 – The World: New York: Basket Ball has Begun / Indoor Sport from Which Women and Girls May Derive Much Healthy Exercise


Jan 22 – The Marion Daily Star, Ohio: She Teaches Basket Ball / Miss Anderson, Physical Culture Director at Chicago University and Her Work
Jan 25 – The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Basket Ball Adepts / Substitute for Football Played by Society Women / Rules of the Game / No One Allowed to Kick or Hold the Ball—Quickness of Vision and Nimble Feet Requisite. Illustrations: (1) Ready for the Game; (2) A Lively Scrimmage
March 21 – Daily Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon: From Old Willamette
March 22 – The Boston Daily Globe: Basket Ball at Smith / The Freshmen are Victorious after a Hard-Fought Contest / The Score Stood 19 Goals to 18—Story of the Game and the Class Songs Which Enlivened the Affair / The Songs of ’98
April 3 – The Boston Daily Globe: Aped Boys’ Ways / Girls at Basket Ball Became Angry / Disagreement as to the Rules Caused Trouble / Onlookers Were Treated to Genuine Surprise / Hair-Pulling by Some of Player Alleged / Cambridge Team Beat the New Haven, 21-2
April 7 – The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Swell Wheel Parties
April 19 – The Sunday Herald, Syracuse, New York: Athletic Girls / Students of Wellesley College Learn Their Stroke / Also Basket Ball and Golf / Miss Lucille Hill is Teaching Them How to Play / She Finds That the Young Ladies Have Forgotten How to Romp Till the Girl Instinct Is Brought Back – Gymnastic Dress Recommended
April 23 – The Yakima Herald, Washington: The Girls Play Basket Ball
April 29 – The Logansport Pharos, Indiana: Basket Ball for Women
May 10 – The World: New York: Fair Co-eds Indignant / Art Work in the University Annual Offends the Women Students. Illustration: Lake Forest’s Basket-ball Team

Section 2

The First Intercollegiate Game

February to April, 1896


Feb. 10 – The San Francisco Call: The Game That Failed / Stanford Girls Seriously Disappoint the Pupils of Miss West’s School / They Would Not Play Ball / Now Berkeley Co-Eds Soon to Uphold the Honor of the University at Basket-Ball
Feb. 13 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford / The co-eds are indignant that in a recent San Francisco article…
Feb. 18 – The San Francisco Call: On the Stanford Court / Co-Eds of Castilleja Hall and the University Will Play Basket-Ball / A Contest Between Athletic Bloomer Girls Which Promises to be Very Exciting
Feb. 22 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford Co-Eds Win / Castilleja Hall Girls Defeated in the Basket-Ball Contest / But One Goal Is Made, and That During the Last Minute of the Play
Feb. 24 – Daily Palo Alto: The Basket-Ball Game
Feb. 25 – The San Francisco Call: Challenged by Stanford / Basket-Ball Champions Throw Down the Gauntlet to Berkeley / Athletic Co-eds Are Now Seeking New Fields to Conquer Across the Bay
March 6 – The San Francisco Examiner: Berkeley Co-Eds Accept / Will Play the Stanford Basket Ball Team for the Championshiop / Claim the Right to Name the place and the Conditions of the Match / The Team is Already Training / The Blue and Gold Maidens Will not Play on Stanford Campus or Before a Mixed Audience. Illustration: Manager Edith Brownsill, Captain Elizabeth Griswold
March 6 – The Oakland Tribune: Athletic Co-Eds / An Exhibition of Their Skill Arranged for the Gymnasium / Leading Schools Contest / The Male Element Excluded While the Show Is On
March 7 – The Oakland Tribune: Society News
March 7 – The San Francisco Call: Co-Eds Practice Basket-Ball in Preparation for a Tussle With Stanford University
March 10 – The San Francisco Call: Won’t Play Before Men / Berkeley Maidens Firm in Their Stand for Private Basket Ball
March 12 – The San Francisco Examiner: Waiting For An Answer / Berkeley Young Women Looking For An Official Decision From Stanford / Terms for the Coming Intercollegiate Basket-ball Match Not Yet Agreed Upon / Both Sides Anxious for the Game / the Challenged Team Will Insist On Their Own Terms or Refuse to Play—Object to a Mixed Audience
March 13 – The Fresno Weekly Republican: Random Remarks / There will be a match game of basket ball…
March 17 – The Oakland Tribune: Coeds Quarreling / A Factional Fight Starts Over the Basket Ball Game / Prestige is at Stake / The Berkeley Girls Do Not Like the Prospects of Defeat / Training Is Objected To
March 20 – The San Francisco Call: Intercollegiate Basket-Ball
March 20 – The San Francisco Examiner: To Play Basket Ball / The Stanford Young Ladies Make Many Concessions / All Arrangements Completed for the Long-Talked-of Contest Between the Teams of the Two Universities
March 20 – The Oakland Tribune: Girl Gladiators / The Coed Basket Ball Match is Arranged At Last / Meeting of the Managers / “Bold, Bad Men” Will Not Be Admitted Because They Stare / Suffragists on the Move
March 25 – The Oakland Tribune: Tiring of Training / Athletic Co-Eds Are Already Weary of Strict Regimen / Candy on the Blacklist / However, They Will Sacrifice Everything to Beat Stanford. Illustration: The fair athletes who will uphold the honor of the Blue and Gold
March 25 – The Oakland Tribune: Sporting News
March 28 – The Oakland Tribune: Society News
April 1 – The Oakland Tribune: Co-eds Quarreling / The Stanford and U.C. Girls Are at Daggers Drawn / Basket Ball Caused It / The Palo Altans Think They Have Been Practically Insulted / Berkeley Girls Indignant
April 1 – The Oakland Tribune: Sporting News
April 2 – The Oakland Tribune: Coeds are Getting Nervous / They are Scared bout Their Approaching Ball Game / The Girl’s Game
April 2 – The San Francisco Call: Co-Eds at Basket Ball / Secret Practice at Berkeley for the Great Match on Saturday
April 2 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford Girls Training / Captain McCray of the Basket-Ball Team Regrets Lack of Enthusiasm / Fair Athletes Demand a Grant of Varsity Sweaters
April 3 – The San Francisco Call: The Modest Co-Eds
April 3 – The San Francisco Examiner: Basket-Ballers Ready / The Berkeley Co-Eds are Prepared for Their Contest With Stanford / They Will Have One More Practice Game Before the Final Struggle on Saturday / Director Magee is Confident / He Says Captain Griswold’s Team Is In Splendid Condition for a Sharp and Snappy Game
April 3 – The San Francisco Examiner: Girls in Good Trim / The Stanford basket Ball Team Holds its Last Practice Game Before the Intercollegiate Meeting
April 3 – The Oakland Tribune: Captivating Co-Eds / Swell Costumes Are to be Worn by Berkeley Girls / The Great Game Here / University Renown Will Get a Very Severe Test / Stanfordites Are Confident. Illustration: Stanford’s team of basket-ball players who will meet Berkeley to-day
April 4 – The San Francisco Examiner: On the Eve of Battle / The Berkeley Basket Ball Team Is ready for the Game With Stanford / The Girls Practiced Signals Yesterday and Tried On Their Pretty Bloomers / Captain Griswold is Satisfied / She Has Chosen a Strong Team and Will Make a Hard Fight for Victory Over the Cardinal
April 4 – The San Francisco Examiner: Captain M’Cray’s Views / The Stanford Leader Expects A Hard-Fought Battle
April 4 – The San Francisco Call: Basket-Ball Maids / Berkeley and Stanford Teams Prepared to Tussle To-Day / Some Nervousness, However, Manifest, Which Is Construed as a Good Sign—The Make-Up. Illustrations: Manager Edith Brownsill, U.C. Basket-Ball Team / Captain Elizabeth Griswold, U.C. Basket-Ball Team
April 4 – The Oakland Tribune: Talent Is Tested / All Attention is Directed to the Basket Ball Game
April 4 – The Oakland Tribune: The Basket Ball Game is in Progress in San Francisco
April 5 – The Fresno Morning Republican: Basket Ball / Young Ladies of the University Defeated by the Stanfords
April 5 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford Wins at Basket-Ball / Flaunting of Crimson and Chorus of “Rah! Rah! Rah!” / Score: Two to One / Four Fouls for University of California, Two for Stanford / No Hair Was Pulled / Brilliant Work by Stanford Girls and Berkeleyites / Team Strength. Illustrations: (1) The New Stanford Cheer; (2) The Stanford and University of California Girls’ Teams Ready for a Rush
April 5 – The San Francisco Examiner: (7 articles)
(1) Waterloo for Berkeley Girls / Stanford’s Fair Basket Ball Players Won by a Goal /’Twas a Homeric Contest and the Best Team Triumphed / Clad in Bloomers and Sweaters, Muscular Maidens Struggled for Supremacy / No Men Were Among the Spectators, but There Was noise Enough Without Them / Women Experts Write of the Game / The Captains of Both Teams Discourse Technically for “The Examiner” and There’s Good Feeling All-Round
(2) How the Game Went / The merry men of both Teams Worked With a Will
(3) As Seen By An Expert / Captain Ella Wing of the Castilleja Team Writes Technically of It
(4) Team Work Did It / Captain Stella McCray of Stanford Extols the Playing on Her Side
(5) “No Hard Feelings” / Captain Griswold of Berkeley Tells Why Her Team Was Defeated
(6) Another Technical Opinion / The Girls of Miss Lake’s School Write Learnedly of the Great Game
(7) Stanford Boys and Girls Wild / The Return of the Victorious Co-Eds the Signal for a Demonstration
April 5 – The San Francisco Examiner illustrations: (1) Miss Eva Edwards, the Stanford Referee; (2) Front page illustration; (3) Stanford’s Nimble Captain; (4) Miss Elizabeth Griswold; (5) Stanford’s Well-Earned Resting; (6) The Girl Who Won the Game
April 6 – The Oakland Tribune: Still In Sackcloth / Lenten Gloom Has Not Been Raised Over Berkeley’s Co-eds / No Entertainment Given
April 7 – The Oakland Tribune: A Challenge Coming / Mills Seminary Girls Anxious to Play the U.C. Co-Eds / Basket Ball Is The Rage / A Question Arises About the Bestowing of Athletic Honors
April 7 – The Fresno Morning Republican: Random Remarks
April 8 – The Oakland Tribune: To Wear The Big “C” / Honors to Be Bestowed on Berkeley’s Basket Ball Players / Manager Friend Insists That the Girls Shall Have Their Just Reward
April 10 – The Oakland Tribune: Benefit Boomers / University Students Combine for the Field Day / Many Tickets Are Taken
April 11 – The Oakland Tribune: Co-eds in Debt as a Result of Their Ball Game
April 15 – The Oakland Tribune: Society News / The basket ball game…
April 15 – The San Francisco Call: Co-Ed Athletes Feted / Berkeley Professors Give Dinners to the Fair Basket Ball Players
April 15 – The Oakland Tribune: Fourteen New Women
April 19 – The Sun, New York: Stanford’s Girls Win / They Beat Berkeley Girls at Basketball / Young Women of California’s Universities Make Their First Appearance in Intercollegiate Athletics and Acquit Themselves Without Hairpulling
May 9 – Leslie’s Weekly: College Girls Play Basket-Ball, by Mabel Craft. Illustrations: College Girls Play Basket-Ball – Match Game Between Students of Stanford University and the University of California, Drawn by E. J. Meeker / Berkeley’s Fair Captain / Stanford’s Victorious Leader / The Umpire
August 16, 1896 – The World: New York: College Girls Play Ball in Bloomers. Illustration: Girls Play Basket Ball / Athletic women students at the two rival Californian universities contest a close match at San Francisco, which the Stanford Team Wins

Section 3

Hoosier Ladies – Fort Wayne, Indiana

October, 1896 – April, 1897

The Fort Wayne News (FWN), The Fort Wayne Journal (FWJ)


Oct. 15 – FWN: The young ladies of the city…
Oct. 21 – FWN: Last evening the Y.W.C.A. basketball teams…
Oct. 24 – FWN: A basket ball game will be played…
Oct. 31 – FWN: Miss Griffith’s team won the game…
Nov. 2 – FWN: The Y.W.C.A. basket ball teams play…
Nov. 6 – FWN: Basket ball / Much Interest in the Game Manifested
Nov. 9 – FWN: Young ladies of Fort Wayne recently inaugurated basket ball…
Nov. 10 – FWN: At White’s Hall / The Y.W.C.A. Entertains Friends Last Evening
Nov. 10 – FWJ: Basket Ball
Nov. 12 – FWN: The basket ball teams…
Nov. 15 – FWN: The young ladies of the local basket ball teams have sufficiently recovered…
Nov. 16 – FWN: A number of the married women…
Nov. 20 – FWN: Basket ball is still a much-talked-of game…
Nov. 24 – FWN: A young woman stepped from one of our large dry goods…
Dec. 4 – FWN: The basket ball teams…
Dec. 14 – The Fort Wayne Sentinel: A most delightful afternoon was spent Saturday…
Dec. 14 – FWN: First Contest in Basket Ball Will Be Held Tonight
Dec. 15 – FWN: In the Y.W.C.A. basket ball contest last evening…
Dec. 22 – FWN: In the Y.W.C.A. basket ball contest last evening…
Dec. 29 – FWN: In the basket ball contests last evening…


Jan. 5 – FWN: The basket ball team of Miss Yarnelle…
Jan. 7 – FWN: The Y.W.C.A. basket ball teams which for some time have been playing…
Jan. 11 – FWN The basket ball team of Miss Laura Bradley…:
Jan. 13 – FWJ: A game of basket ball between Miss Woodward and Miss Kern…
Jan. 14 – FWN: The basket ball teams of Misses Bannister and McKay…
Jan. 21 – FWN: Speaking of the athletic young lady…
Feb. 3 – FWN: A team composed of nine…
Feb. 6 – FWN: A basket team of Y.W.C.A. members…
Feb. 6 – FWJ: The teachers of the State Institute…
Feb. 9 – FWN: The following new basketball teams…
Feb. 10 – FWN: The rejected challenge sent by the basket ball team…
Feb. 18 – FWN: Miss McKay’s basket ball team…
Feb. 20 – FWN: The basket ball team of Miss Bessie Knight…
Feb. 22 – FWN: At the city hall Saturday evening a basket ball team…
Feb. 23 – FWN: At Hacket hall the basket ball team of Miss DeEtta Davis…
Mar. 5 – FWN: Members of the Y.W.C.A. will play…
Mar. 6 – FWN: The Y.W.C.A. basket ball tournament began…
Mar. 10 – FWN: Basket Ball / Two Interesting Games at Hackett Hall
Mar. 23 – FWN: Basket Ball
Mar. 25 – FWN: Basket Ball
Mar. 30 – FWN: Basket Ball Tournament
Mar. 31 – FWN: Close Games / Of Basket Ball Played at the Rink Last Evening
Apr. 2 – FWN: A Long Game / Necessary to Decide the Y.W.C.A. Basket Ball Championship
Apr. 4 – FWJ: A New Athletic Society Basket Ball Reception Last Evening
Apr. 5 – FWN: The physical department…
Apr. 7 – FWJ: Miss Edith Yarnelle entertained the members…
Apr. 10 – FWN: A basket ball team has been formed…
July 24 – FWN: Basket Ball / The Popular Game Still Played in This City

Section 4

Articles & Excerpts – 1896-1903


September 27 – The Morning Times, Washington, D.C.: The Girl Athlete / Vassar Students Play Basketball Like Boys / The Gymnasium Is the First Place Visited / Uniform is a Blazer, with Class Number Embroidered Upon It, and Bloomers
November 13 – The New York Times: Girls Play Basket Ball / Dr. Savage’s Pupils Give a Public Exhibition
December 12 – The Courier, Lincoln, Nebraska: The University
December 19 – The Decatur Evening Bulletin, Illinois: Decatur Defeated / Bloomington Girls Won by their Superior Skill


March 7 – The Sun: New York: Girls Play Basketball / Fine Struggle Between Fair Ones in a School Gymnasium / Montclair Girls Not So Smart as New York Girls—The Little Demon Was a “Sub”—The Boys Play While the Girls Look On—Common Sense in a Co-Education Institution. Illustrations: (1) The Start; (2) A Struggle for the Ball; (3) A Scrimmage; (4) A Headlong Rush; (5) Throwing the Ball; (6) Her Hair Came Down; (7) The Pretty Girl Who Chewed Gum
March 12 – The San Francisco Call: Accused of Sulking / Co-Eds Said to Look Askance at Athletic Department / Because the Basket-Ball Team Did Not Get Big “C’s” They Feel Hurt
April 1 – Leslie’s Weekly: Basket-Ball – The American Girl’s Latest Athletic Game, by W.T. Bull. Photographs: (1) Putting ball in play after “held” ball—the referee tosses ball up as at start of game and after each basket; (2) A “held” ball—play stopped by referee; (3) A free throw for the basket—the penalty for a foul committed by opponents
Spring Issue – The Delineator: Basket-Ball at the Women’s Colleges, by K.A.I. Illustrations: (1) Diagram of Basket-Ball Field; (2) A Strong, Long, Sure Throw; (3) Basket-Ball Team, Class of ’96, Bryn Mawr College. Winners of the Championship in the Spring Contests, 1896; (4) The Game
May 1 – The Alton Evening Telegram, Illinois: Growing in Popularity / The Game of Basket-Ball is Rapidly Gaining Ground. Illustration: Game of Basket Ball at Yale
May 2 – The San Francisco Call: Not A Male Eye Saw the Game / Oakland High School Girls Win Basket Ball Honors / A Spirited Match With a Team of Maidens from Palo Alto / Principal McChesney Guarded the Stairway and Carefully Scanned the Invitations
May 2 – The San Francisco Call: Lively Basket Ball / Blood Flows in a Game at the Harmon Gymnasium, Berkeley / A Spirited Contest Between Berkeley and San Francisco Young Ladies
May 9 – The San Francisco Call: College Maids at Basket-Ball / Exciting Game Played in Encina Hall at Stanford / Palo Alto and Oakland High School Teams Fail to Score / Neither Side Gains an Advantage, and the Match Ends With Honors Even
May 15 – The Progress, Shreveport, Louisiana: “Our streets …”
May 17 – The Salt Lake Herald, Utah: Women on the Campus / Co-Educational Institutions Admit Women to Play / Lucille Hewett’s Efforts / Salt Lake Girl the Pioneer of the Movement / She Petitioned the Athletic Association of the University of Utah to Admit Her Team / Now Girls May Play on the Columbia and Harvard Grounds. Illustration: Lucille Hewett
June 11 – The Hull Index, Iowa: Basket Ball
June 20 – The San Francisco Call: A National Struggle / The Most Novel Ball Tournament of the Age to Be Played in San Francisco
June 26 – The Progress, Shreveport, Louisiana: “Our young Misses…”
June 27 – The Sun: New York: Lo! The Uprisen Co-ed / The Story of Her Emancipation at Cornell / Her Struggles Against “What Men Think” and her Triumphs at Basketball, Tennis, and Rowing—The Victory of Class Over Class and a Rumpus in the Corridors of Sage
July 12 – The McKean Democrat, Smethport, Pennsylvania: Gossip for the Fair Sex / Some Items of Interest on Feminine Topics / Athletic Sports for Girls
October 1 – The Evening Times, Trenton, New Jersey: Girls and Athletics / The clever and pretty young women…
October 31 – The Galveston Daily News, Texas: Society Doings
November 13 – The Des Moines Daily News, Iowa: Athletic Young Ladies of Y.W.C.A. / Season’s Work is Well Under Way and Miss Freeman, Physical Director, is Meeting With Much Success
November 17 – The Des Moines Daily News, Iowa: Des Moines College / The two women’s basket-ball teams of the college…
November 24 – The San Francisco Call: Miss Mary C. McCleave
December 7 – The Evening Herald: Syracuse: Men Barred Out / Basketball Girls Adopt Rules Regarding Admission to Thursday’s Game
December 8 – Nevada State Journal: U.C. Girls Challenge U.N. Girls / Yesterday the Nevada girls received a challenge…
December 19 – The Sunday Herald: Syracuse: Ambitious Girls / “Co-eds” Cause a New Woman Scare / ’Varsity Basketball Team / May Demand Representation in Athletic Committee / They Seem to Be Entitled to it Under the Faculty Rules and There Is Some Sentiment That They May Be Thus Recognized


January 22 – The Courier, Lincoln, Nebraska: Basket Ball Society
March 2 – Hutchinson Daily News, Kansas: Objected to Bloomers / Wisconsin University Girls in Athletic Costumes / Shock Many People Who Are Not Acquainted with the New Woman
March 23 – The San Francisco Call: Interstate Basket Ball / The Berkeley Girls to Play Against the Nevada Co-Eds / Fair Enthusiasts Busy Practicing the Rival University Yells
March 25 – The San Francisco Call: Much Work and No Candy / How the Berkeley Girls Train for the Interstate Championship
April 8 – The San Francisco Call: Fair Athletes Are Coming / Nevada Basket-Ball Players Will Arrive This Morning / The Berkeley Co-Eds Eagerly Await the All-Absorbing Contest
April 9 – The San Francisco Call: Basket-Ball Girls / They Are Ready for the Interstate Fray This Afternoon
April 10 – The San Francisco Call: Berkeley Girls Beat Sagebrush maidens 14 to 1


Basketball Photographs by Frances B. Johnston: Western High School, Washington, D.C., Library of Congress

January – St. Nicholas Magazine: Intercollegiate Basket-Ball for Women, by Anita L. Corbert
April 2 – The Sun: New York: In a Basketball Whirl / Things That the Girl Players Do in a Lively Game / It’s Activity from Start to Finish but a Tumultuous Kind of Activity That Startles an Inexperienced Spectator—The Echo Club and Savage Institute Game. Illustrations: (1) Flipping the coin before the game; (2) A Savage Girl Throwing a Goal; (3) Echo at the Ball; (4) A Quiet Moment With the Gentle Sex; (5) The Ball in a Crowd from Yonkers; (6) In the Dressing Room After the Ball Was Over.
April 9 – The San Francisco Call: Nevada Isn’t In It With California / U.C. Basket Ball Team an Easy Winner / Score: Seven to Three / Stanford Yells with the Sagebrush Girls / An Interesting and Exciting Game at Odd Fellows’ Hall Played by Two Crack Western Teams. Illustrations: (1) A quiet moment with the gentle sex; (2) The ball in a crowd from Yonkers
April 9 – The San Francisco Call: – Women Are Not Mentally Able to Play Football / So Says the Professor of Physical Culture in the University of California, and Girl Students Agree With Him; (2) Berkeley’s Famous Basket Ball Team; (3) Reason Why College Women Should Be Physically More Perfect Than Other Women, by Professor Magee, Head of Department of Physical Culture, University of California
April 23 – The San Francisco Call: Volley Ball / The New Game for Girls / Girl’s High School Has Just Started It Here. Photograph: High School Girls Starting the New Game of Volley Ball in San Francisco
May 12 – The San Francisco Call: Basket-Ball To Be Played for Charity / Alameda’s Social Set Is Interested / Longfellows vs. Highs / The Game Will Be Society’s Latest Fad / Teams Will Contest for Honors Saturday on the Lawns Surrounding the home of Mrs. George Mastick. Illustration: Pretty Girls to Play Basketball / Members of the Alameda High School Team at Practice
May 28 – The San Francisco Call: High School Girls Kick at a Decision / Basket-Ball Game Ends in a Storm. Photograph: The Recalcitrant Basket-Ball Players
June 24 – Austin’s Hawaiian Weekly, Oahu, Hawaii: Oahu College Commencement
December – The Puritan: A Modern Gymnasium. Photographs: (1) A Game of Basket Ball in the Woman’s Gymnasium; (2) Awaiting the Toss of the Ball for Which They Are All to Scramble
December 16 – The San Francisco Call: Faculty at Stanford Abolishes Basket-Ball / Considers That the Game is Too Severe a Physical Strain on the Young Women


March 23 – The Seattle Republican, Washington: University of Washington


December 28 – Harper’s Weekly: Unusual activity in basket-ball this winter… Illustration: Girls’ Basket-ball—Putting the Ball in Play


February 22 – Harper’s Weekly: College Girls and Basket-Ball. Illustrations: (1) A Spring Game at Bryn-Mawr—The “Gallery” looking on; (2) Morning Practice at Newcomb College, New Orleans; (3) A Smith College Team and Substitutes; (4) Two Wellesley Classes at Play—Passing the Ball; (5) At Brookline (Massachusetts) High School—Making a Goal


May – The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine: Athletics for College Girls [excerpt], by Alice Katharine Fallows. Illustrations by Charlotte Harding: (1) The Athletic Girl Playing Basket Ball; (2) Basket-Ball, Bryn Mawr
October 11 – The New York Times: Basket Ball Denounced / Wellesley College Representative Says Physical and Moral Effects On girls Are Bad
1903: Athletics & Out-Door Sports for Women [book excerpt], edited by Lucille E. Hill: Basket-ball, written and illustrated by Ellen Bernard Thompson.
Illustrations: (1) Diagram of the field with team of five; (2) Diagram of field with team of nine: (3) In the Gymnasium. Getting the ball into play; (4) Ready for the “toss-up” (5) Waiting for a pass; (6) A foul; (7) “Held ball” (8) A free throw for goal; (9) A problem for the umpire; (10) Throwing for the basket; (11) Ready for a long pass; (12) Returning the ball from out of bounds; (13) The field

Section 5

Basket Ball for Women

Edited by Senda Berenson – 1903, 1905

Spalding’s Athletic Library

(1) The Significance of Basket Ball for Women
by Senda Berenson
(2) The Psychological Effects of Basket Ball for Women
by Luther Gulick, M.D.
(3) The Physiological Effects of Basket Ball
by Theodore Hough, Ph.D.
(4) Relative Merit of the Y.M.C.A. Rules and Women’s Rules
by Augusta Lane Patrick
(5) The Practical Side of Basketball
by Ellen Emerson, B.L.
Agnes Childs, A.N.
Fanny Garrison, A.B.
(6) A Plea for Basketball
by Julie Ellsbee Sullivan
(7) Editorial
by Senda Berenson
(8) Photographs:
Page 277: (1) A “Drop” Ball; (2) Wrong Guarding; (3) Right Guarding; (4) Disputing the Ball; (5) Wrong Guarding; (6) Throwing the ball; (7) A Free Throw; (8) Ball About to be Tossed Up at Centre
Page 281: (1) Mills College Team, Champions Pacific Coast, 1903 and 1904; (2) University of Minnesota; (3) Wolfe Hall, Denver, Col.; (4) Ethel Shattuck Team, Greensboro, N.C.; (5) University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming; (6) Normal College, New York; (7) Mount Holyoke College
Page 297: Trying for Goal; (1) Wrong Guarding; (2) Free Throw for Goal; (3) Ball Thrown Up Between Centres

1908, March 19 – Leslie’s Weekly: Photograph: A Game of Basketball / Feats of Radcliffe Girls in Harvard University’s Gymnasium (1908)
1906, August 23 – Leslie’s Weekly: Danger to Women in Athletics, by Harriet Quimby. Illustrations: (1) College women indulging in violent exercise that may injure their health; (2) Girls in a game of basket-ball playing unfairly as well as too violently
1905, October 5 – The Illustrated London News: Basket-Ball: A New Game for Women
1906, October 6 – The Saturday Evening Post cover: Vassar: Delicious But Dyspeptic


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