Table of Contents – Daughters of the Lost Century

Section 1


1884, Sep. 20 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: The American Woman in Politics
1887, Jan. 15 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated newspaper: “The Woman Who Dared” / Illustration: Mrs. Lucy S. Barber, “The Woman Who Dared” to Vote.
1888, Nov. 24 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper cover: Woman Suffrage in Wyoming Territory—Scene at the Polls in Cheyenne
1895, Oct. 24 – Leslie’s Weekly Illustrated cover: Bargain-Day in One of the Great Stores of the New York Shopping District.
1894, May 3 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly cover: The Woman-Suffrage Movement in New York City. Society leaders securing signatures to petitions to be presented to the constitutional convention—scene at Sherry’s. Drawn by B. West Clinedinst.
1876, May 6 – The Colorado Springs Gazette and El Paso News: The Lower Education of Women.
1882, July 22 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Education for Women
1894, Mar. 29 – Leslie’s Weekly The Strength of the Weaker Sex
1895, Nov. – The Forum: A Generation of College Women, by Frances M. Abbott
1900, June 14 – Life cartoon: The Spring Examinations / His Honor: Which weighs the most (with you), a pound of brains or a pound of muscle?
1895, Nov. 14 – Leslie’s Weekly: Women and Divorce Reform
1896, Feb. 6 – Leslie’s Weekly: The Divorce Evil
1883, June 30 – The National Police Gazette: Private and Select / What happens to two tramps who thought they had struck a second Delmonico’s in a female club house at Rockaway, L.I.
1895 – Puck: The athletic girl and the millionaire—A tale of too much up-to-dateness / She tried to catch his fancy with her wonderful climbing. / She did her best to jump into his affections with her diving accomplishments. / She endeavored to bewitch him with her bicycling. / She planned to capture him with her clever canoeing. / And she thought she had touched his heart with her fine fencing. / But she saw him landed at last by a quiet girl, who did nothing athletic at all. Drawn by F. Opper.
1900 – Life: Warning to Noblemen. / Treat your American wife with kindness. Drawn by C.D. Gibson.
1895, July 25 – Leslie’s Weekly: Modern Life and Longevity
1889, Jan. 5 – Scientific American: A Gas-Propelled Carriage.
1896, June 11 – Leslie’s Weekly: Edison’s Last Invention
1895, Sep. 12 – Leslie’s Weekly: The Horseless Carriage
1896, Feb 13 – Leslie’s Weekly: Professor Rontgen’s Discovery
1903, Sep. 5 – L’Illustration: Un Debut dans le Sport Automobile
1904, Mar. 31 – Leslie’s Weekly: The Right and Wrong Way to Do It / How a Lady May Enter and Alight from her Motor Wagon Properly, Securely, and Easily. Photographs by T.C. Muller.
1869, Feb. 6 – Harper’s Bazar: (1) Women’s Literature; (2) Women’s Faces
1876, May 6 – The Colorado Springs Gazette and El Paso News: Chit-Chat column.
1890, Nov. 30 – The New-York Times: Women By the Tape Line / Anthropometrical Measures at Wellesley College / The Physical Construction of Eleven Hundred Young Ladies Subjected to Careful Analysis and Set Forth in Tables
1893, Oct. 3 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: How to Get Thin, by A.D. Rockwell, M.D.
1894, August 19 – The Salt Lake Herald, Utah: Young Atalantas / Modern Girl is Taller, Straighter, and More Vigorous Than Her Mother
1894, Nov. 25 – The Salt Lake Herald: Dermatologic Treatment, by Adele M’Allister
1895, Oct. 24 – Leslie’s Weekly: Will the New Woman Be Nervous? By Helen A. Hawley
1897, May 30 – The Sunday Herald: Syracuse, New York: Fair One’s Fads / The Athletic Summer girl of ’97 / Not Stylish to be Flabby / Must Excel in Golf, Fencing, Swimming and Rowing
1879, Feb. 1 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Madame Anderson’s Plucky Walk
1879, Feb. 1 – Harper’s Weekly: On December 16, an Englishwoman, known as Madame Anderson…
1895, Jan. 6 – The Sunday Herald: Syracuse, New York: On the Tanbark / Women Walkers Started Off at Hoagland’s Spoken Signal / In Very Many Colored Suits / Records Made by the Ladies in Their Opening Exercises—Characteristics of the Different Contestants—All Confident

Section 2


1849 – Social Sports; or, Holiday Amusements (no credited author)
1856 – Calisthenic Exercises, for Schools, Families, and Health Establishments, by Catharine E. Beecher
1857 – The Illustrated Family Gymnasium, by R.T. Trall, M.D.
1864 – Watson’s Manual of Calisthenics, by J. Madison Watson
1867 – New Gymnastics for Men, Women, and Children, By Dio Lewis
1869 – Calisthenic Songs Illustrated, by Flora T. Parsons
1888 – Calisthenics and Light Gymnastics for Home and School, by Alfred M.A. Beale
1893 – Home Gymnastics for the Well and the Sick, by E. Angerstein, M.D. and G. Eckler
1896 – Gymnastics, North American Gymnastic Union
1900 – School Gymnastics Free Hand [2], by Jessie H. Bancroft

Section 3

FITNESS & SPORTS – 1862-1908

Fitness & Exercise

1862, June – The Atlantic Monthly: The Health of Our Girls, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
1868, May 16 – Harper’s Bazar: “See-Saw”—An illustration for the juveniles.—Drawn by C.G. Bush
1870, Feb. 26 – Harper’s Weekly: Girls’ calisthenics
1872, June 29 – Harper’s Bazar: Boys’ and Girls’ Gymnastic Suits
1915, Oct. – The Century Magazine: Female Delicacy in the Sixties, by Amy Louise Reed
1872, Sep. 7 – Harper’s Weekly: Lady Gymnasts at the German Gymnasium, London,
1884, Sep. 27 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Keep your daughters at home and amuse them. / New Jersey “Butler Day” at the State Agricultural Fair, at Waverly, Sketch by a Staff Artist.
1888, Dec. 15 – Harper’s Bazar: Fencing at Yokohama
1888, Nov. 17 – The Illustrated London News: The Gymnasium of the Polytechnic Christian Institute: Classes for Young Women and Girls
1889, Dec. 28 – The Graphic, London: Gymnasium for Women at Alexandra House
1889, Oct. – Outing: The Berkeley Ladies’ Athletic Club, by Eleanor Waddle
1890, Feb. 18 – Harper’s Young People: Girls’ Classes at the Berkeley Ladies’ Athletic Club, New York. Drawn by Irving R. Wiles.
1890, Jan. – Outing: Physical Training for Women, by W.G. Anderson, M.D.
1890, Apr. 26 – The Illustrated American: The Physical Culture of Women
1891, Nov. 21 – The Graphic, London: A Fencing Class at the People’s Palace—A Bout with the Foils
1890, May 10 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly: Correct and Elegant Carriage.—Sketches at a School for Physical Culture, drawn by Miss G.A. Davis
1894, Jan. 7 – Harper’s Bazar: Girls in the Gymnasium / At A Girls’ Gymnasium in London, drawn by Paul Rénouard
1895, Oct. 24 – Leslie’s Weekly: Class in dumb bell exercise
1896, Jan. 14 – Harper’s Young People: Regular Exercise for Girls, by Eva Lovett
1896, Sep. – Munsey’s Magazine: In A Girls’ Gymnasium, by Jean Pardee-Clark, illustrations by J.M. Gleeson
1899 – Library of Congress, Photographs by Frances Johnston, Western High School, Washington, D.C.
1899, Dec. – The Puritan: A Modern Gymnasium, by Lillian Baynes Griffin. Photographs by Byron, New York.
1900, Nov. – Woman’s Physical Development: (1) cover; (2) The Development of Grace, Suppleness and Symmetry, by Bernarr Macfadden; (3) Helen Walsh.
1900, Nov. – Woman’s Physical Development: Why Modern Sports Benefit Woman, by M. Emile Zola.
1900, Nov. – Woman’s Physical Development advertisements: (1) The Wrinkle Eradicator, Massage to the Face; (2) A Beautiful Figure Guaranteed; (3) Health-Beauty Developer; (4) Beauty of Form & Grace Vesture; (5) Electric Massage Exerciser; (6) Macfadden Health Exercisers.
1901, April – Woman’s Physical Development: (1) Cover; (2) A Perfect Form; (3) A Question of “Shape;” (4) The Bust Beautiful.
1901, Aug. – Munsey’s Magazine: The Athletic Girl, by Anne O’Hagan
1901, Dec. – Outing: Physical Training for Women / The Attainment of Normal Weight, by J.V. Gillman
1902, Feb. – Woman’s Physical Development: A Lesson in Fencing, by Cecily Buecall
1902, Sep. – Outing: Women in Athletics / The Athletic Girl Not Unfeminine, by Christine Terhune Herrick
1903, April – Cosmopolitan: Health Made and Preserved by Daily Exercise, by Bernarr Macfadden
1903, May – The Century Magazine: Athletics for College Girls, by Alice Katharine Fallows, with Pictures by Charlote Harding
1903, June – Beauty and Health: (1) Cover; (2) How Arms May Be Rounded, Strengthened, and Developed, by Bernarr Macfadden
1903, July – Outing: How Athletics May Develop Style in Women, by Elizabeth Dryden
1903, Sep. 19 – Leslie’s Weekly: Physical Training for College Girls
1904, July – Beauty and Health: Exercises for Developing Grace and Ease, by Marguerite Macfadden and Bernarr Macfadden
1904, July – Beauty and Health: Health and Strength for Girls, by Marguerite Macfadden
1900, June – Life cover: Sporting Number
1902, Feb. – Woman’s Physical Development cover: Health is Beauty, Ugliness a Sin
1891, Nov. 21 – Harper’s Weekly cover: Sketches at the Horse Show—Entrance of Saddle-Horses, drawn by Max. F. Klepper
1897, Nov. 20 – Harper’s Weekly cover: Captured the Blue Ribbon, drawn by T. de Thulstrup
1871, Oct. 21 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: New York.—Grand Festival at the Fashion Course. L.I., in aid of the Union Home for Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans—Ladies’ Equestrian Race—The home stretch.
1894, Nov. 17 – Harper’s Weekly: A winner leaving the ring. Drawn by W.S.V. Allen.
1889, Feb. 9 – The Graphic: Ladies Tilting at the Ring, India
1889, May 11 – The Illustrated London News: The effect of rest and Ellemans Embrocation
1897, Feb. 6 – Harper’s Bazar: “Victory!”—Ladies tilting at the ring in Teriffe. Drawn by John Charlton
1896, Jan. 4 – The Graphic, London: A novel competition in a gymkhana at Quetta: A “Gretna Green” race. Drawn by John Charlton.
1903, Oct. – The Strand Magazine cover.
1885, Sep. 12 – Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper: (1) Women Who Bet On the Races; (2) Illustration: A Day at Sheepshead Bay / Backing their favorite
1887, July 2 – Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper: Women Gamblers
1883, Nov. 3 – Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper illustration: Sweetmeats to the Favorites, by H.A. Ogden
1880, July 24 – Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper illustration: Laying wagers on the races at the Ocean Hotel
1892, Dec. 3 – Harper’s Weekly: (1) Where Women Ride Astride; (2) Illustration: The ladies of the Devonshire and Somerset stag-hunt riding astride.
1893 – Harper’s Weekly: (1) Critical Comment, by Casper W. Whitney; (2) Illustration: A wager.
1893, Nov. 16 – Frank Leslie’s Weekly: Judging Ladies’ Saddle-Horse / The Ninth Annual Show at Madison Square Garden, New York City.—From a Drawing by B. West Klindinst, and Photographs.
1904, May – Beauty and Health: (1) Society Women Ride Astride, by C. Gilbert Percival, M.D.; (2) Illustration: Group of Boston society women riding astride, with Baron La Glady, of the German Army, Instructor


1880s – Velocipede poster: Tobacco advertisement.
1884, July 8 – Harper’s Young People: Bicycles and Tricycles / Florrie and Charlie
1886 – Outing: The Invincible Front Steering Tandem.
1896 – Harper’s Weekly: Crescent bicycle advertisement
1897 – Harper’s Weekly: Gladiator bicycle advertisement
1886, July – Outing: The Ladies’ Club—A Natural Sequence, “Wheel Life.”
1885, March – Outing: The Tricycle for American Women, by Minna Caroline Smith
1884, May 24 – Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper: The meet of the League of American Wheelmen at Washington D.C.—An afternoon scene on Pennsylvania Avenue. From a sketch by a Staff Artist.
1893, Jan. – Outing: Fair Riders on Modern Wheels, by Charles E. Clay
1891, Oct. – Outing: How We Ride Our Wheels, by Grace E. Denison
1891, Sep. 12 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper photographs: (1) The invitation; (2) The experiment; (3) The catastrophe.
1894, Aug., 19 – The Salt Lake Herald, Utah: Women of the Day / Among the Fashionable Set, Cycling is the Rage / The Vanderbilts and Others Take It Up, by Diana Crossways
1896, May – Munsey’s Magazine: Woman and the Wheel
1896 – Poster by Edward Penfield: Ride a Stearns and be content
1897 – Athletic Sports, The Out of Door Library: Woman and the Bicycle, by Marguerite Merington.
1897, May 28 – Leslie’s Weekly: The Opinions of Doris on Bicycles
1897, July 29 – Leslie’s Weekly: A Reply to the Opinion of Doris on the Bicycle
1896, Feb. 2 – The World: New York: Quote by Susan B. Anthony.
1895, June – Scribner’s Magazine: Woman and the Bicycle. Drawn by C.D. Gibson
1897, May 20 – Leslie’s Weekly: A gay Parisian tandem.
1897, May 27 – Leslie’s Weekly: Morning ride in Central Park.
1897, May 20 – Leslie’s Weekly: Mending a punctured tire.
1897, May 2 – Leslie’s Weekly: Ladies’ cycling club in England.
1895, July 25 – Leslie’s Weekly: The wheelwomen of the Denver club
1896, May – Munsey’s Magazine: The World Awheel: (1) A Fair Beginner; (2) On a Bicycle Built for Two
1895, Oct. 17 – Leslie’s Weekly Illustrated cover: The Bicycle at Newport
1897, Aug. 26 – Leslie’s Weekly Illustrated cover: Bicycling on the Beach
1894, July 28 – Harper’s Weekly: Bicycling on the Riverside Drive, New York. Drawn by T. de Thulstrup
1896, May – Munsey’s Magazine: New York Awheel—On the Riverside Drive, Near the Grant Monument. Drawn by J.M. Gleason
1896, May 16 – Harper’s Weekly: Closing the In-door Bicycle Season—A Club Lantern Ride. Drawn by Max F. Klepper
1869, Dec. 19 – Harper’s Weekly: Velocipede race in Paris—Sunday afternoon.
1896, May – Munsey’s Magazine: The World Awheel: The Elliotts—A Group of Trick Riders.

Roller Skating

1875, Aug. 24 – Harper’s Weekly: A Skating Rink. Drawn by E.J.G.
1885, Jan. 31 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: [Roller skaters]
1885, Jan. 17 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper cover: The roller skating craze—The critical moment in the experience of an amateur.
1885, Feb. 21 – Harper’s Weekly: A Belle on Rollers. Drawn by T. de Thulstrup.
1909, Oct. 16 – The Illustrated London News cover: Skating the switch: A novel feature of the world’s largest rink. Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek.
1877, May 12 – The Graphic, London, cover: “Can’t Stop”—On the Ice Hills, St. Petersburg / A sketch suggestive of the present political situation. Drawn by S. P. Hall.
1877, May 12 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: New York—Roller Skating at the Brooklyn Rink—Juvenile skaters performing “The Chase of the Butterfly.” Drawn by Hyde.
1880, April 10 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: District of Columbia—Glimpses of life at the national capital—A fashionable roller-skating rink—From a sketch by Miss Georgie Davis.
1866, Feb 10 – Harper’s Weekly: The great skating “rink” at Chicago.

Ice Skating

1883, Mar. 3 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Winter sports in the metropolis.—A skating scene in Central Park.—From sketches by a Staff Artist.
1885, Feb. 24 – Harper’s Young People: At the Rink. Drawn by T. de Thulstrup.
1894, Dec. 15 – Harper’s Weekly: Two’s Company. Drawn by C.S. Reinhart
1896, Mar. 12 – Leslie’s Weekly Illustrated cover: Novel Winter Sport / Skating on artificial ice at the new St. Nicholas Rink, New York City. Drawn by B. West Clinedinst.
1897, Mar. 6 – Harper’s Weekly, cover: Skating at Van Cortlandt Park, New York City. Drawn by Walter Appleton Clark.
1869, Feb. 6 – Harper’s Bazar: Skating costumes.
1881, February – Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly: Sports and Sport in America / On the Skating Ground.
1884, Jan. 13 – The Illustrated London News: Extremes Meet. Drawn by R. Caton Woodulip and Fitzner Davey.
1859, Feb. 12 – Harper’s Weekly: A skating scene. Drawn by E.I. Whitney.

Ice Hockey

1894, Jan. 13 – The Graphic, London: Hockey on the ice: A ladies’ match on the lake in Wimbledon Park. Drawn by Arthur Hopkins.

Skiing & Sledding

1901, Nov. 23 – The Queen, The Lady’s Newspaper, London: Ski-ing in Switzerland. Drawn by Lewis Baumer.
1887, January – Outing: The real fun begins.
1887, January – Outing: Amenities: The British toboggan as conceived by “Punch,” with the assistance of Mr. George du Maurier.
1892, Dec. – Outing: All clad in blanket garb. Drawn by Hy S. Watson.
1886, Jan. 26 – Harper’s Young People: The toboggan slide at Saratoga. Drawn by W.P. Snyder
1886, Jan. 23 – Harper’s Weekly: The new toboggan slide at Orange, New Jersey. Photographed by J.M. Clark, Newark. (1) The start. (2) General view of the slide.
1891, Feb. 14 – Harper’s Weekly: Tobogganing at Orange, New Jersey. Drawn by T. de Thulstrup.

Boats & Watercraft

1885, Sep. 5 – Harper’s Weekly: A summer toboggan slide. Drawn by J.A.J. Monks.
1897, Sep. 23 – Leslie’s Weekly cover: Shooting the chutes. Drawn by H.J. Pettit.
1892, Sep. 13 – Harper’s Young People cover: An ocean toboggan slide.
1904, Aug. – McCall’s Magazine cover: Fashions [rowing]
1907, Oct. 26 – The Saturday Evening Post cover: [motorboat]
1908, Sep. – The Ladies’ World: [sailing]
1869, Aug. 28 – Harper’s Bazar: The Girls of the Period: (1) Rowing; (2) Fishing.
1887, August – Outing: “Amenities” column, drawings from Punch: (1) A sea-side pastime; (2) Polo on the water. Drawn by George du Maurier


1874, Oct. 10 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: (1) Swimming Entertainment on the East River; (2) Illustration: New York City, —Ladies’ swimming match at the natatorium on the East River, September 24th.
1890, July – Scribner’s Magazine: Surf and Surf-Bathing
1881, Sep. 3 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: New York. —The second annual Meeting and Regatta of the American Canoe Association, Canoe Islands, Lake George. From sketches by a Staff Artist.
1883, Aug. 11 – Harper’s Weekly: (1) Jolly Companions; (2) Bathing costume does not add dignity to a portly figure. Drawn by A.B. Frost.
1884, July 19 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: New York. —The catamaran life-saving service at Rockaway Beach—Rescue of a bather. From a sketch by a Staff Artist.
1886, Aug. 28 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Scenes and incidents at Coney Island.—Life-savers at work—“Pull hearty, my boys!” From sketches by a Staff Artist.
1888, August – Outing: Hints on Swimming for Women
1891, July 15 – Puck: The Peeping Toms of the Camera.
1892, July 27 – Puck: Midsummer Number. [top]
1897 – Puck: [cartoon, bottom]
1869, Aug. 28 – Harper’s Bazar: The Girls of the Period—Bathing.
1882, Sep. 2 – Harper’s Weekly: Women’s day at a New York swimming bath. Drawn by H.A. Ogden.
1886 – Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: Moulson’s Cocoa Butter Soap
1888, May 8 – Sea Bathing at Ostand. Drawn by Jan Van Beers.
1897, July 21 – Leslie’s Weekly: Her first dip of the season.
1883, July 14 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Swimming in the Ocean. Illustration: Aquatic Sports—The attempt of Miss Beckwith to swim from Sandy Hook to Coney Island, June 30th.
1880, Sep. 25 – Harper’s Weekly: Swimming à la mode.
1900, Oct. 6 – The Graphic, London: A Ladies’ Swimming Race: The Start for the Ravensbourne Challenge Cup; Drawn by Phil Ebbutt.
1905, Aug. 5 – L’Illustration, France: Une Championne de la Natation: Annette Kellermann
1886, July 24 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Natation for Girls and Women. Illustration: New York City.—Sketches in a swimming-school. (1) An adept. (2) A first attempt. (3) Triple diving. (4) Learning the stroke. (5) Boat racing.
1883, Sep. 1 – The Graphic, London: Some Notes at a Ladies; Swimming Competition: (1) Some of the costumes. (2) The umpires. (3) The side stroke. (4) Preparing to dive in walking costume. (5) The tub race. (6) A start. (7) A general view. (8) Swimming in walking costume. (9) The diver (9-foot jump). (10) Diving for eggs and pears. (11) The distribution of prizes. (12) Blindfold and fancy swimming. (13) Floating under water. Drawn by S. Dupand.
1898, April 5 – United States Patent Office: Bathing Suit invented by Mary Melissie Shepard of Darlington, South Carolina
1901, April – Woman’s Physical Development: Trudg, or the Art of Fast Swimming, by G.H. Corsan.
1902 – Library of Congress: Models in bathing suits.
1903, Aug. – Western Publisher cover. Drawn by Wilson.
1903, June – Beauty and Health: Advantages of Swimming, by Lynn B. Wykof
1892 – Library of Congress: Woman diving into water.
1904, July – Outing: Things a Woman Should Know in Learning to Swim, by Clara Dalton, photographs by Frank Dalton.


1881, July 5 – The Illustrated London News: Grand National Archery Meeting at Lexington—Shooting for the Ladies’ Prize.
1879, Aug. 30 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Illinois—First annual meeting of the National Archery Association at White Stocking Park, Chicago. From a Sketch by Jos. B. Beale.
1870, Aug. 6 – Every Saturday: An Illustrated Journal of Choice Reading: Archery. Drawn by H. Harral.
1879, Nov. 5 – Puck cover: Where is the Winner? Drawn by Joseph Keppler.
1878, Aug. 3 – Harper’s Weekly cover: Archery Practice on Staten Island. Drawn by C.S. Reinhart.
1881, July 23 – Harper’s Weekly cover: The Archery Tournament, Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Drawn by T. de Thulstrup.
1880, Mar. 27 – Harper’s Bazar: Archery in Mid-Winter. Drawn by J.O. Davidson.
1886, July 20 – Harper’s Young People: Young Archers. Drawn by Albert E. Sterner.


1869, Aug. 28 – Harper’s Weekly: A Ten-Strike. Drawn by C.G. Bush.
1878, April 6 – The Graphic: A “Kegelbahn” in the Bavarian Alps.
1872, Oct. 19 – The Graphic: (1) A Ladies Game in an American Ten-Pin Alley; (2) Illustration: An American Ten-Pin Alley—A Ladies’ Game.
1890, April – Outing: Bowling for Women, by Margaret Bisland.
1882, Dec. 9 – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper: Bowling as a fashionable ladies’ amusement: The deciding shot. From a Sketch by a Staff Artist. Drawn by Hyde.
1892, Mar. 19 – Harper’s Weekly: At the bowling club—rolling for a ten strike. Drawn by Frank O. Small.
1895, Oct. 3 – Leslie’s Weekly Illustrated cover: The bowling season is on. From a Photo-drawing expressly made for “Leslie’s Weekly.”


1896, Mar. 19 – Leslie’s Weekly: An Evening at Billiards. Drawn by L.L. Roush.
1908, Dec. 26 – The Illustrated London News: A “100 up”—and Down: Billiards on a liner, on a table that levels itself mechanically. Drawn by S. Begg.
1903, July – The Strand Magazine: Folding Billiard and Pool Table advertisement.

Table Tennis

1901, May 25 – L’Illustration France: Un Nouveau Jeu a la Mode en Angleterre: Le “Ping-Pong” [A popular new game in England: Ping-Pong]


1878, Oct. 12 – The Graphic, London: The Ancient National Game of Stoolball—A Match at Horsham Park.

Tennis & Badminton

1883, Oct. 13 – Harper’s Weekly: Ladies at Lawn Tennis.
1871, June 10 – Harper’s Weekly: Battledoor and Shuttlecock
1891, Apr. 4 – Harper’s Weekly: The Midwinter Game of Badminton, Drawn by T. de Thulstrup
1877, July 7 – Punch, or the Lond Charivari: Lawn-Tennis
1892, Sep. – Godey’s Lady’s Book: [Tennis fashions]
1875, July 31 – Harper’s Bazar: Tennis in Africa.
1883, Oct. 13 – Harper’s Weekly: The ladies’ lawn tennis tournament, Staten Island Cricket Club Grounds. Drawn by C.D. Weldon.
1895, Mar. 30 – Harper’s Weekly: An In-door Lawn-Tennis Court
1881, Dec. 10 – Harper’s Weekly: Lawn tennis at the Seventh Regiment Armory. Drawn by W. St. John Harper and C.D. Weldon.


1866, Sep. 8 – Harper’s Weekly: The Game of croquet. Drawn by Mr. Bush.
1871, June 24 – The Illustrated London News: Preparing for croquet. Drawn by W. Hollidge.
1870, July 9 – Every Saturday: An Illustrated Journal of Choice Reading: Croquet.
1872, Sept. 28 – The Illustrated London News: The last croquet game of the season. Drawn by Arthur Hopkins.


1897, Sep. 4 – The Graphic: Elliman’s Universal Embrocation [advertisement]
1889, Oct. 12 – The Illustrated London News: The St. Andrews Ladies’ Golf Club. Drawn by J. Robinson.
1898, October – Outing: “She imitated his style in every stroke.” Photo by C.R. Panconst.
1897, October – Scribner’s Magazine: A Foursome. Drawn by A.B. Frost
1900 – Life: Fore! – The American Girl to All the World. Drawn by Charles Dana Gibson.
1900 – Life: Advice to Caddies. – You will save time by keeping your eye on the ball, not on the player. Drawn by Charles Dana Gibson.
1900 – Life: A Little Incident. – Showing that even inanimate objects can enter into the spirit of the game. Drawn by Charles Dana Gibson.
1904, June – Outing: Women Who Play Golf Well—And Ungracefully, by Caroline F. Manice. Photographs by T.C. Turner: (1) Miss Frances Griscom Putting—A Good Shot; (2) The Finish of a Brassey Shot; (3) At the Finish of a Tee Shot—Showing Great Force; (4) Mrs. Charles F. Stout Playing Out on a Bad Lie—a Mashie Shot; (5) Miss Rhona Adair at Top of Swing for Full Mashie; (6) Finish of Drive—Good Form above the Waist but Lacking in Firmness of Stance; (7) A Mannish Finish.

Field Hockey

Aug. 1904 – McCall’s Magazine: The Game of Hockey. Illustration by Wallis Mills.


1884, Oct. 11 – The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, England: Cricket for Ladies. Drawn by John Jellicoe.
1888, Aug. 18 – The Graphic, cover: A Ladies’ Cricket Match—Harrow versus Pinner. Drawn by George du Maurier
1889, Sep. 28 – The Illustrated London News: Lady Cricketers: A Good Catch. Drawn by Lucien Davis.
1890, May 24 – The Illustrated London News: The English Lady Cricketers: Miss Stanley Batting. Drawn by Lucien Davis.
1890, Sep. 20 – The Graphic, London: “Well Played!”—A Sketch at a Ladies’ Cricket Match. Drawn by E.F. Brewtnall.

Baseball & Bloomers

1887, Aug. 9 – Harper’s Young People: A “Scratch” Nine. Drawn by Macdonald.
1887, Sep. 22 – Life: New York against Boston for the Championship.
1895, May 5 – The World: New York: College Girls in Bloomers / Dress Reform the Fad Among the Women Students at Ann Arbor / On the Streets and In the “Gym” The Young Men Are No Longer Startled, and Regard the Innovation as a Matter of Course
1895, Aug. 23 – The Courier, Algona, Iowa: Local News / The crowd that turned out…
1895, Aug, 27 – The World: New York: A Foolish Boycott
1895, Sep. 2 – LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Iowa: The Bloomer Girls
1895, Sep. 23 – The Boston Daily Globe: No Trousers for Women / Mayor Lewis of Duluth Believes in the Monopoly of the Bloomer
1895, Oct. 31 – The Waukesha Freeman, Wisconsin: Bloomers Seriously
1895, Nov. 8 – The World, New York: Bloomer Girls in Tears / Prof. Cummock Made 25 of Them Cry While at Recitation, and They Had No Handkerchiefs
1895, Dec. 11 – The Waterloo Courier, Iowa: Going For the Bloomers
1896, Apr. 19 – The San Francisco Call: Bloomers Passing Away / The Pretty Girl With Bifurcated Drapery is Already Doomed / Decline of Another Fad / Swelldom Smiled Upon But Did Not Copy Her, And Soon the Novelty Ceased
1896, Feb. 21 – The Boston Daily Globe: [Ad for Bloomer Girls and horseless carriage show]
1896, May 17 – The Logansport Journal, Indiana: A Bloomer Girl’s Handy Fists
1896, July 24 – The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah: Making a Distinction / Bloomer Girls Charged for Admission to Races / Management Put Them on an Equality with Men in Paying Their Way
1896, Aug. 12 – The Dubuque Herald, Iowa: Trouble Over a Ball Game—All About a Female Club
1896, Aug. 15 – The Boston Daily Globe: Bloomer Girls Cause a Riot
1896, Aug. 22 – The Alton Democrat, Illinois: Bloomer Girls Play a Crack Game of Base Ball in Alton / A Large Audience Turns Out and Studies Anatomy From Real Life
1896, Aug. 27 – The Perry Bulletin, Iowa: Bits You Will Enjoy
1896, Sep. 6 – The Logansport Journal, Indiana: Rescue the Woman’s Ball Team
1897, June 13 – The World, New York: Bloomer Girls Were Happy / Thousands of Feminine Cyclists in Startling Costumes Saw the Contest and Cheered
1897, July 16 – The Kalona News, Iowa: Bloomer Girls at Washington
1897, Oct. 21 – The San Francisco Call: Will the Girls Win? / A Game of Baseball to be Played by Men Against Women / The Boston Bloomer Club Versus the San Francisco Athletic Club
1897, Oct. 25 – The San Francisco Call: Bloomer Girls on the Diamond / The San Francisco Athletics Succumb to the Boston Aggregation / Basehits, Runs and Errors Piled Up in a Most Bewildering Manner / Fully One Thousand People Witness the Performance at Sixteenth and Folsom Streets
1897, Nov. 23 – The Arizona Republican: Very Good for Girls / The Boston Bloomers Beaten, but Winners of $285
1898, June 9 – The Fort Gibson Post, Oklahoma: Local Items / At Wagoner next Monday…
1898, July 12 – The Hutchinson News, Kansas: Base Ball! [ad for game]
1898, July 15 – The Hutchinson News, Kansas: They Could Play Ball / Bloomer Girls Know How to Handle the Pig Skin / And Give the Hutchinson Boys a Good Many Straight Pointers / A Game for Hutchinson / But It was Won by a Narrow Scratch
1899, May 10 – The Dubuque Herald, Iowa: Nebraska
1899, June 22 – The Daily Palladium, Benton Harbor, Michigan: The Ball Game
1899, June 25 – The Logansport Daily Journal, Indiana: Local / The Boston “Bloomer Girls”…
1899, June 28 – The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Indiana: The Boston Bloomers / Will Play at Fort Wayne Ball Park June 28
1899, June 28 – The Logansport Daily Reporter: Indiana: Didn’t Make a Hit / Peru Laughs at the Boston Bloomer Girls
1899, June 29 – The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Indiana: Notes of the Game
1899, July 28 – The Washington Gazette, Indiana: Walloped ’Em / The Bloomer Girls Play Base Ball with a Local Team and Win Out
1901, July 15 – The San Francisco Call: Bloomer Girls from Boston Beaten by Bushnell’s Boys / They Are Not So Young as They Have Been, and, Although They Are Treated With Distinguished Consideration, That Does Not Enable Them to Land as Winners in the Game
1901, July 19 – The San Francisco Call: Object to the Women Playing Ball on Sunday / Christian Temperance Union in Watsonville Makes Protest Against a Proposed Game
1901, July 20 – The San Francisco Call: Bloomer Girls Meet a Frost / Female Balltossers Are Ordered Off College Grounds / President Kenna of Santa Clara Puts Amazons to Flight
1902, Aug. 21 – The Richmond Dispatch, Virginia: They Play Like Men / Ball Park Diamond Chortled with Feminine Curves /Got Brownies on the Run / Immense Crowd Cheered Chicago Girlies Bringing Blushes to Their Cheeks
1902, Aug. 21 – The Times, Richmond, Virginia: Women Players Put Up Good Game / Chicago Stars Beaten by Fulton Brownies Yesterday / Only One Run Was Tallied / This Was in the Ninth Inning / The Girls Can Run, Throw and Slide Bases / Score Was One to Nothing / Mr. Spalding Here
1902, Aug. 21 – The Richmond Dispatch, Virginia: Division of the Spoils / Donati and Daly Quarrel Over Proceeds of Bloomer Girls’ Game
1904, July 13 – Deseret Evening News, Utah: Driggs, Idaho / Teton Valley Carnival / Bloomer Girls’ Baseball Game—Expensive Royalty: $950 for a Queen
1904 – Poster: Boston Bloomer Girls / Is He Coming or Going / To the Ball Park He Wends His Way to See the Game on “Bloomer Day”
1905, July 27 – The Kentuckian, Hopkinsville: Chat Off the Bat / Ruth Egan, the twelve-year old girl baseball prodigy…
1906, July 27 – The Hickman Courier, Kentucky: Young Lady Makes Success—Base Ball Umpire
1907, June 15 – The Washington Herald, Washington, D.C.: Grand Stand Collapses / Fifty Injured at Ball Game of Bloomer Girls


1903, Feb. – Spalding’s Official Indoor Base Ball Guide: (1) Indoor Base Ball for Women, by Milo S. Walker, PhD. (2) How to Teach Girls to Play Indoor Baseball, by Jos. Cermak


1901 – Puck: The Fair Enthusiast. / He—Why, we’ll win this, dead-easy! / She—But I do hope you’ll have to resort to violence! Drawn by Frank A. Nankivell.
1901 – Puck: Progress. / “I should say the girls are enthusiastic about foot-ball! You know Miss Jones, whose sole ambition was to be svelte?” / “Yes?” / “Well, she’s breaking her heart because she isn’t heavy enough for a full back!” Drawn by Frank A. Nankivell.
1869, Aug. 28 – Harper’s Bazar: The Girls of the Period—Playing Ball.
1873, May 29 – The Paxton Weekly Record, Illinois: Boston girls play foot-ball…
1873, June 8 – Galveston Daily News, Texas: The Fair Sex / Foot ball…
1874, Dec. 10 – Nevada State Journal: The girls of Vassar College play football…
1876, May 15 – Freeborn County Standard, Minnesota: The girls at the Washington…
1893, Nov. 23 – The Independent, Massilon, Ohio: Fencing and Football / The Yankee Girl Now Indulges in Both Sports / Wellesley Girls as Kickers
1895 – Life: The Coming Game / Yale versus Vassar. Drawn by C.D. Gibson.
1899, April 9 – San Francisco Call: – Women Are Not Mentally Able to Play Football / So Says the Professor of Physical Culture in the University of California, and Girl Students Agree With Him; (2) Berkeley’s Famous Basket Ball Team; (3) Reason Why College Women Should Be Physically More Perfect Than Other Women, by Professor Magee, Head of Department of Physical Culture, University of California.


1899, Apr. 23 – The San Francisco Call: Volley Ball / The New Game for Girls / Girl’s High School Has Just Started It Here. Photograph and illustrations.

Section 4

BASKETBALL – 1892-1906

The Eastern Game – 1893-1896

1893, March 27 – The New York Herald Tribune: Smith College
1894, March 18 – The Boston Sunday Globe: No Man In It / Smith College Gym Held 1000 Excited Girls
1894, May 18 – Springfield Weekly Republican, Massachusetts: (1) The Success of Basket Ball / Which Originated in this City / Only Two Years Ago / Some Good Qualities—Adopted in Many Schools. (2) How It Is Played at Smith / Annual Struggle between the Classes—Development of Athletics at the Woman’s College. (3) Illustration: Basket ball in the Smith College Gymnasium.
1894, Nov. 5 – The Nebraska State Journal: Basketball For The Girls
Nov. 25, 1894 – The Salt Lake Herald, Utah: Basket Ball / Thanksgiving Game Between Sophomores and Freshmen / A Popular and Graceful Game That Has Found Favor Among Girls—Some of the Rules and Regulations Observed in Playing It, by Diana Crossways.
1895, March 31 – The Boston Sunday Globe: Smith’s Sophs They Win Annual Game of Basket Ball / Freshmen Defeated, 19 Goals to 15, Yesterday / Most Exciting Contest in College’s History / Four Minutes’ Extra Play to Decide the Tie / Deafening Applause Greeted the Victorious Team
1895, April 7 – The Sunday Herald, Syracuse, New York: Illustration: College Girls at Basket Ball.
1895, Sep. 1 – The New York Times: The Week at Long Island Resorts / Southampton—The game of basket ball…
1895, Nov. 10 – The New York Times: Field Day At Vassar / Foot Races and High Jumping by College Girls / Members of all the Classes Play Basket Ball – No Man Allowed Upon the Oval Except the College Doctor
1895, November 17 – The New York Times: Her Point Of View / “Girls’ football…”
1896, March 22 – The Boston Daily Globe: Basket Ball at Smith / The Freshmen are Victorious after a Hard-Fought Contest / The Score Stood 19 Goals to 18—Story of the Game and the Class Songs Which Enlivened the Affair
1896, April 7 – The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Swell Wheel Parties / To see the new woman in all her glory… / The Songs of ’98
1896, April 19 – The Sunday Herald, Syracuse, New York: Athletic Girls / Students of Wellesley College Learn Their Stroke / Also Basket Ball and Golf / Miss Lucille Hill Is Teaching Them How to Play / She Finds That the Young Ladies Have Forgotten How to Romp Till the Girl Instinct Is Brought Back – Gymnastic Dress Recommended

The Western Game – 1892-1896

Nov. 19, 1892 – The San Francisco Call: Girl Ball-Kickers / Berkeley Beauties Have a Glorious Game / The Seminary Maidens Win / They Defeat the Co-Eds in One of the Liveliest Tussles Girls Ever Engaged In. Illustration: The Basket Football Game. Written by Albert May

February to May, 1896

Feb. 10, 1896 – The San Francisco Call: The Game That Failed / Stanford Girls Seriously Disappoint the Pupils of Miss West’s School / They Would Not Play Ball / Now Berkeley Co-Eds Soon to Uphold the Honor of the University at Basket-Ball
Feb. 13 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford / The co-eds are indignant that in a recent San Francisco article…
Feb. 18 – The San Francisco Call: On the Stanford Court / Co-Eds of Castilleja Hall and the University Will Play Basket-Ball / A Contest Between Athletic Bloomer Girls Which Promises to be Very Exciting
Feb. 22 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford Co-Eds Win / Castilleja Hall Girls Defeated in the Basket-Ball Contest / But One Goal Is Made, and That During the Last Minute of the Play
Feb. 24 – Daily Palo Alto: The Basket-Ball Game
Feb. 25 – The San Francisco Call: Challenged by Stanford / Basket-Ball Champions Throw Down the Gauntlet to Berkeley / Athletic Co-eds Are Now Seeking New Fields to Conquer Across the Bay
March 6 – The San Francisco Examiner: (1) Berkeley Co-Eds Accept / Will Play the Stanford Basket Ball Team for the Championshiop / Claim the Right to Name the place and the Conditions of the Match / The Team is Already Training / The Blue and Gold Maidens Will not Play on Stanford Campus or Before a Mixed Audience. (2) Illustration: Manager Edith Brownsill, Captain Elizabeth Griswold.
March 6 – The Oakland Tribune: Athletic Co-Eds / An Exhibition of Their Skill Arranged for the Gymnasium / Leading Schools Contest / The Male Element Excluded While the Show Is On
March 7 – The Oakland Tribune: Society News / Mrs. Spier …
March 7 – The San Francisco Call: Co-Eds Practice Basket-Ball in Preparation for a Tussle With Stanford University
March 10 – The San Francisco Call: Won’t Play Before Men / Berkeley Maidens Firm in Their Stand for Private Basket Ball
March 12 – The San Francisco Examiner: Waiting For An Answer / Berkeley Young Women Looking For An Official Decision From Stanford / Terms for the Coming Intercollegiate Basket-ball Match Not Yet Agreed Upon / Both Sides Anxious for the Game / the Challenged Team Will Insist On Their Own Terms or Refuse to Play—Object to a Mixed Audience
March 13 – The Fresno Weekly Republican: Random Remarks / There will be a match game of basket ball…
March 17 – The Oakland Tribune: Coeds Quarreling / A Factional Fight Starts Over the Basket Ball Game / Prestige is at Stake / The Berkeley Girls Do Not Like the Prospects of Defeat / Training Is Objected To
March 20 – The San Francisco Call: Intercollegiate Basket-Ball
March 20 – The San Francisco Examiner: To Play Basket Ball / The Stanford Young Ladies Make Many Concessions / All Arrangements Completed for the Long-Talked-of Contest Between the Teams of the Two Universities
March 20 – The Oakland Tribune: Girl Gladiators / The Coed Basket Ball Match is Arranged At Last / Meeting of the Managers / “Bold, Bad Men” Will Not Be Admitted Because They Stare / Suffragists on the Move
March 25 – The Oakland Tribune: Sporting News / The ladies have let tennis alone…
March 25 – The Oakland Tribune: Tiring of Training / Athletic Co-Eds Are Already Weary of Strict Regimen / Candy on the Blacklist / However, They Will Sacrifice Everything to Beat Stanford. Illustration: The fair athletes who will uphold the honor of the Blue and Gold
March 28 – The Oakland Tribune: Society News / There is a good deal of interest in the Basket Ball contest…
April 1 – The Oakland Tribune: Co-eds Quarreling / The Stanford and U.C. Girls Are at Daggers Drawn / Basket Ball Caused It / The Palo Altans Think They Have Been Practically Insulted / Berkeley Girls Indignant
April 1 – The Oakland Tribune: Sporting News: It is now an assured thing…
April 2 – The Oakland Tribune: Coeds are Getting Nervous / They Are Scared About Their Approaching Ball Game / The Girl’s Game
April 2 – The San Francisco Call: Co-Eds at Basket Ball / Secret Practice at Berkeley for the Great Match on Saturday
April 2 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford Girls Training / Captain McCray of the Basket-Ball Team Regrets Lack of Enthusiasm / Fair Athletes Demand a Grant of Varsity Sweaters
April 3 – The San Francisco Call: The Modest Co-Eds
April 3 – The San Francisco Examiner: (1) Basket-Ballers Ready / The Berkeley Co-Eds are Prepared for Their Contest With Stanford / They Will Have One More Practice Game Before the Final Struggle on Saturday / Director Magee is Confident / He Says Captain Griswold’s Team Is In Splendid Condition for a Sharp and Snappy Game; (2) Girls in Good Trim / The Stanford basket Ball Team Holds its Last Practice Game Before the Intercollegiate Meeting
April 3 – The Oakland Tribune: Captivating Co-Eds / Swell Costumes Are to be Worn by Berkeley Girls / The Great Game Here / University Renown Will Get a Very Severe Test / Stanfordites Are Confident. Illustration: Stanford’s team of basket-ball players who will meet Berkeley to-day.
April 4 – The San Francisco Examiner: (1) On the Eve of Battle / The Berkeley Basket Ball Team Is ready for the Game With Stanford / The Girls Practiced Signals Yesterday and Tried On Their Pretty Bloomers / Captain Griswold is Satisfied / She Has Chosen a Strong Team and Will Make a Hard Fight for Victory Over the Cardinal; (2) Captain M’Cray’s Views / The Stanford Leader Expects A Hard-Fought Battle
April 4 – The San Francisco Call: Basket-Ball Maids / Berkeley and Stanford Teams Prepared to Tussle To-Day / Some Nervousness, However, Manifest, Which Is Construed as a Good Sign—The Make-Up. Illustrations: Manager Edith Brownsill, U.C. Basket-Ball Team. / Captain Elizabeth Griswold, U.C. Basket-Ball Team. Drawn by Bob Carter.
April 4 – The Oakland Tribune: Talent Is Tested / All Attention is Directed to the Basket Ball Game
April 4 – The Oakland Tribune: Stanford Ahead / The Basket Ball Game is in Progress in San Francisco
April 5 – The Fresno Morning Republican: Basket Ball / Young Ladies of the University Defeated by the Stanfords
April 5 – The San Francisco Call: Stanford Wins at Basket-Ball / Flaunting of Crimson and Chorus of “Rah! Rah! Rah!” / Score: Two to One / Four Fouls for University of California, Two for Stanford / No Hair Was Pulled / Brilliant Work by Stanford Girls and Berkeleyites / Team Strength. Illustrations: (1) The New Stanford Cheer; (2) The Stanford and University of California Girls’ Teams Ready for a Rush.
April 5 – The San Francisco Examiner: (1) Waterloo for Berkeley Girls / Stanford’s Fair Basket Ball Players Won by a Goal /’Twas a Homeric Contest and the Best Team Triumphed / Clad in Bloomers and Sweaters, Muscular Maidens Struggled for Supremacy / No Men Were Among the Spectators, but There Was noise Enough Without Them / Women Experts Write of the Game / The Captains of Both Teams Discourse Technically for “The Examiner” and There’s Good Feeling All-Round; (2) How the Game Went / The merry men of both Teams Worked With a Will; (3) As Seen By An Expert / Captain Ella Wing of the Castilleja Team Writes Technically of It; (4) Team Work Did It / Captain Stella McCray of Stanford Extols the Playing on Her Side; (5) “No Hard Feelings” / Captain Griswold of Berkeley tells Why Her Team Was Defeated; (6) Another Technical Opinion / The Girls of Miss Lake’s School Write Learnedly of the Great Game; (7) Stanford Boys and Girls Wild / The Return of the Victorious Co-Eds the Signal for a Demonstration
April 5 – The San Francisco Examiner illustrations: (1) Miss Eva Edwards, the Stanford Referee; (2) Front page illustration; (3) Stanford’s Nimble Captain; (4) Miss Elizabeth Griswold; (5) The Girl Who Won the Game.
April 6 – The Oakland Tribune: Still In Sackcloth / Lenten Gloom Has Not Been Raised Over Berkeley’s Co-eds / No Entertainment Given
April 7 – The Oakland Tribune: A Challenge Coming / Mills Seminary Girls Anxious to Play the U. C. Co-Eds / Basket Ball Is The Rage / A Question Arises About the Bestowing of Athletic Honors
April 7 – The Fresno Morning Republican: Random Remarks / It is related that the Stanford university girls “cried with delight” …
April 8 – The Oakland Tribune: To Wear The Big “C.” / Honors to Be Bestowed on Berkeley’s Basket Ball Players / Manager Friend Insists That the Girls Shall Have Their Just Reward
April 10 – The Oakland Tribune: Benefit Boomers / University Students Combine for the Field Day / Many Tickets Are Taken
April 11 – The Oakland Tribune: Co-eds in Debt as a Result of Their Ball Game
April 15 – The Oakland Tribune: Society News / The basket ball game on Saturday was simply the most interesting…
April 15 – The San Francisco Call: Co-Ed Athletes Feted / Berkeley Professors Give Dinners to the Fair Basket Ball Players
April 15 – The Oakland Tribune: Fourteen New Women
May 9, 1896 – Leslie’s Weekly: (1) College Girls Play Basket-Ball, by Mabel Craft; (2) Illustrations: College Girls Play Basket-Ball – Match Game Between Students of Stanford University and the University of California, Drawn by E. J. Meeker / Berkeley’s Fair Captain / Stanford’s Victorious Leader / The Umpire

Basketball Articles – 1897-1906

1897, April 1 – Leslie’s Weekly: Basket-Ball – The American Girl’s Latest Athletic Game, by W.T. Bull. Photographs: (1) Putting ball in play after “held” ball—the referee tosses ball up as at start of game and after each basket; (2) A “held” ball—play stopped by referee; (3) A free throw for the basket—the penalty for a foul committed by opponents.
1897, Spring Issue – The Delineator: Basket-Ball at the Women’s Colleges, by K.A.I. Illustrations: (1) Diagram of Basket-Ball Field; (2) A Strong, Long, Sure Throw; (3) Basket-Ball Team, Class of ’96, Bryn Mawr College. Winners of the Championship in the Spring Contests, 1896; (4) The Game.
1897, May 1 – The Alton Evening Telegram, Illinois: Growing in Popularity / The Game of Basket-Ball is Rapidly Gaining Ground. Illustration: Game of Basket Ball at Yale.
1897, July 12 – The McKean Democrat, Smethport, Pennsylvania:
Gossip for the Fair Sex / Some Items of Interest on Feminine Topics / Athletic Sports for Girls
1897, October 1 – The Evening Times, Trenton, New Jersey: Girls and Athletics / The clever and pretty young women…
1897, October 31 – The Galveston Daily News, Texas: Society Doings / Friday evening some sixteen young misses…
1897, November 17 – The Des Moines Daily News, Iowa: Des Moines College / The two women’s basket-ball teams of the college…
1897, December 7 – The Evening Herald: Syracuse: Men Barred Out / Basketball Girls Adopt Rules Regarding Admission to Thursday’s Game
1897, December 19 – The Sunday Herald: Syracuse: Ambitious Girls / “Co-eds” Cause a New Woman Scare / ’Varsity Basketball Team / May Demand Representation in Athletic Committee / They Seem to Be Entitled to it Under the Faculty Rules and There Is Some Sentiment That They May Be Thus Recognized
1897, December 8 – Nevada State Journal: U.C. Girls Challenge U.N. Girls / Yesterday the Nevada girls received a challenge…
1898, March 23 – The San Francisco Call: Interstate Basket Ball / The Berkeley Girls to Play Against the Nevada Co-Eds / Fair Enthusiasts Busy Practicing the Rival University Yells
1898, April 8 – The San Francisco Call: Fair Athletes Are Coming / Nevada Basket-Ball Players Will Arrive This Morning / The Berkeley Co-Eds Eagerly Await the All-Absorbing Contest
1898, April 9 – The San Francisco Call: Basket-Ball Girls / They Are Ready for the Interstate Fray This Afternoon
1898, April 10 – The San Francisco Call: Berkeley Girls Beat Sagebrush maidens 14 to 1. Player illustrations.
1899, January – St. Nicholas Magazine: Intercollegiate Basket-Ball for Women, by Anita L. Corbert.
1899, May 28 – The San Francisco Call: High School Girls Kick at a Decision / Basket-Ball Game Ends in a Storm
1899, December 16 – The San Francisco Call: Faculty at Stanford Abolishes Basket-Ball / Considers That the Game is Too Severe a Physical Strain on the Young Women.
1901, December 28 – Harper’s Weekly: (1) Unusual activity in basket-ball… (2) Illustration: Girls’ Basket-ball—Putting the Ball in Play
1902, February 22 – Harper’s Weekly: College Girls and Basket-Ball. Illustrations: (1) A Spring Game at Bryn-Mawr—The “Gallery” looking on; (2) Morning Practice at Newcomb College, New Orleans; (3) A Smith College Team and Substitutes; (4) Two Wellesley Classes at Play—Passing the Ball; (5) At Brookline (Massachusetts) High School—Making a Goal.
1903, October 11 – The New York Times: Basket Ball Denounced / Wellesley College Representative Says Physical and Moral Effects on Girls Are Bad
1906, August 23 – Leslie’s Weekly: Danger to Women in Athletics, by Harriet Quimby. Illustrations: (1) College women indulging in violent exercise that may injure their health; (2) Girls in a game of basket-ball playing unfairly as well as too violently.
1905, October 5 – The Illustrated London News: Basket-Ball: A New Game for Women
1906, October 6 – The Saturday Evening Post cover: Vassar: Delicious But Dyspeptic

Basket Ball for Women

Edited by Senda Berenson – 1903, 1905

Spalding’s Athletic Library

The Significance of Basket Ball for Women, by Senda Berenson
The Psychological Effects of Basket Ball for Women, by Luther Gulick, M.D.
The Physiological Effects of Basket Ball, by Theodore Hough, Ph.D.
Relative Merit of the Y.M.C.A. Rules and Women’s Rules,
by Augusta Lane Patrick
The Practical Side of Basketball,
by Ellen Emerson, B.L., Agnes Childs, A.N., Fanny Garrison, A.B.
A Plea for Basketball, by Julie Ellsbee Sullivan
Editorial, by Senda Berenson
Photographs: (1) Ball About to be Tossed Up at Centre; (2) University of Minnesota; (3) Mills College Team, Champions Pacific Coast, 1903 and 1904; (4) Ethel Shattuck Team, Greensboro, N.C.; (5) St. Louis Pioneer Girls’ Athletic Club, Champions of Missouri, 1904; (6) Normal College, New York; (7) Wolfe Hall, Denver, Col.; (8) University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming; (9) Free Throw for Goal; (10) Free Throw for Goal; (11) Wrong guarding; (12) Trying for goal; (13) Ball Thrown Up Between Centres; (14) A Free Throw; (15) A “Drop” Ball; (16) Wrong Guarding; (17) Throwing for Goal; (18) Wrong Guarding; (19) Right Guarding; (20) Disputing the Ball

1908, March 19 – Leslie’s Weekly: Photographs: Feats of Radcliffe College Girls in Harvard University’s Gymnasium: (1) The Flying Angel; (2) The Fencing Lesson; (3) A Game of Basket-Ball; (4) Horse Exercise; (5) Tricks on the Parallel Bars; (6) Freshman Dumb-bell Exercise; (7) Exercising with Bar Bells.

Section 5


1903, Oct. 24 – The New York Times: Athletics for Women [book review]

Book Cover
Contents and Illustrations
Introduction, by Lucille Eaton Hill
Physical Training at Home, by Anthony Barker
Gymnasium Work, by Watson L. Savage
Dancing, Aesthetic and Social, by Melvin Ballou Gilbert
Cross-country Walking, by John Bapst Blake, M.D.
Swimming, by Edwyn Sandys
Skating, by William T. Richardson
Rowing, by Lucille Eaton Hill
Golf, by Frances C. Griscom, Jr.
Running, by Herbert H. Holton, Boston Athletic Association
Lawn Tennis, by J. Parmley Paret
Field Hockey, by Constance M.K. Applebee
Basket-ball, by Ellen Bernard Thompson
Equestrianism, by Belle Beach
Fencing, by Regis Semac
Bowling, by Sophie Gundrum
Track Athletics, by Christine Terhune Herrick

Section 6


1900, November: Woman’s Physical Development

Good Figure, Good Health, Good Housekeeping and Good “Medical” Treatment, by Charles E. Page, M.D.
Advertisement: Eating for Strength
Childhood Should Last Through Life, by Marion Coe Hawley
Advertisement: A Home of Health: Bernarrs
Editorial: Dress-makers / Be Superb, Beautiful Women / Don’t Fill A Premature Grave / Fat and Health / Fat Means Health? Idiotic! by Bernarr Macfadden
Advertisement: The True Science of Living, The Cure of Disease by Scientific Fasting

1901, April: Woman’s Physical Development

It’s the Way You Think, by Mrs. Maud Johnson
Cartoons by Ed Gardenier (1) Corsets; (2) Doctors
Advertisements: (1) Strength From Eating; (2) Fasting, Hydropathy, Exercise

1902, February: Woman’s Physical Development

The Corset Man, by Elizabeth
Practical Suggestions for Inducing Sleep and Preventing Wrinkles, by Mary Dameron
The Functions and Care of the Skin, by John Blake
Advertisements: (1) Venus” Physical Culture Waist; (2) Ladies Syringes and Sanatory Rubber Necessities; (3) Beautiful Women; (4) A Good Complexion; (5) Victoria Protector
Make Your Girls Bright and Beautiful, by Emily Westover
Advertisements: (1) Marvel Douche; (2) “Sipho,” the Modern Woman’s Syringe; (3) Bunions and Enlarged Joints, Pond’s Toe Spring; (4) Swedish Gymnasium for Ladies and Children; (5) Your Face is Your Fortune; (6) Are You Ailing or Too Fleshy; (7) Physical Training and Fencing, Miss Frances Temple Ellery
Editorial: The Sin of Over-Eating, by Bernarr Macfadden
Advertisements: (1) Health by Self Massage and Exercise; (2) Power and Beauty of Superb Womanhood.

1903, June: Beauty and Health

Editorial Department: Enter Your Friends for the $1,000 Prize / Preparation For Marriage / Physical Culture and House-Work / Real Physical Culture is Always Pleasurable, by Bernarr Macfadden
Advertisements: (1) Health, Strength and a Good Figure Are More to be Desired than a Pretty Face; (2) A Woman’s Health Her Fortune, Good Figure, Clear Skin, Grace; (3) The Tabor Adjustable Health Waists.


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