Lost Century Books


The American Football Trilogy: The Founding Documents of the American Game: Complete Text and Illustrations from 3 Classic Books Written by Walter Camp, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Lorin F. Deland, Henry L. Williams
The American Football Trilogy
The Lost Century of Football: Reports from the Birth of a Game
The Lost Century of American Football
Classic Football Art
Classic Football Art
The First Decade of College Football: Published Reports of American Football 1869 to 1879
The First Decade of College Football
A Portfolio of Rare Articles by the First Football Coach and Father of the American Game
Walter Camp in Print
Football Linemen: The Center, Guard, Tackle & Ends
Football Linemen
The First Crusade Against Football: Injuries, Brutality and Death in American Football from Bloody Monday to the Flying Wedge

Women’s Sports

Daughters of the Lost Century: The Playful Pioneers of American Women's Sports and Fitness
Daughters of the Lost Century
The First Decade of Women's Basketball: A Time Capsule of Media Reports from the Dawn of the Game 1892-1905
The First Decade of Women’s Basketball


The Mysterious Birth of the Curve Ball and the Art of Pitching


White House Billiard Table Scandal
The White House Billiard Table Scandal (Kindle)


A Gallery of Dogs in the 19th Century
A Gallery of Dogs in the 19th Century