The Mysterious Birth of the Curve Ball and the Art of Pitching

– Media Reports from 1869 to 1921 –

The Mysterious Birth of the Curve Ball and the Art of Pitching

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The art of pitching was born when the curve ball was invented.

As the articles in this volume attest, no one can prove who threw the first curve ball. Many skeptics initially disputed whether it was real or an optical illusion. This book is a walk through history as contemporary writers explore the mysteries of the curve ball and the pitchers who invented and perfected it.

Articles in this volume describe the strategy involved in moving the pitching distance, the advent of three strikes, the catcher flashing signals to the pitcher, opponents stealing the catcher’s signs with the aid of a telescope, the hidden-ball trick, the invention of a pitching machine that could throw curve balls, and the suggestion that inventing an umpiring machine would also be a desirable advancement for the game.

This time capsule contains over 50 articles and 100 illustrations published from 1869 to 1921, exploring the curve ball and the art of pitching. Anyone interested in baseball will enjoy this book from the Lost Century of Sports Collection.

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